How Far Away is Two Percent More?

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The two percent explanation has been around as long as I can remember. Just two percent separates winners from losers. Just two percent more could establish excellence from mediocrity. Two percent more might make the difference between wealth and  financial struggle.

It’s a great feeling to empty yourself. Hold nothing back. Give your all. Perhaps any feeling of disappointment after you have tried your hardest is a personal insight. If we can set aside accomplishment from worthiness we may solve a riddle. If I did my very best, but didn’t get the prize, should I feel depleted? If doing my best is the goal, no unacquired trophy, should control me. If I’m overly conflicted about notoriety or recognition I wonder if there might be energy to spare after all.

energy by Sean MacEntee flickr
Image via, courtesy of Sean MacEntee

Energy, like desire, isn’t preregistered for either direction. It is summoned by decision. They can fuel passion and purpose or they can empower pain and paralysis. Could two percent make a difference here? If I reached deep inside and found two percent more to give to whatever I’m trying to achieve would I see a more agreeable outcome? Could two percent more get me the promotion, save my relationship, or make me happy? Can just two percentage points be so close and yet so far away?

If I ate two percent less and exercised two percent more would the change be noticeable? If I made it a practice to use two percent more positive words than I normally do, discipline my thoughts to be more affirming by just two percent more, and laughed two percent longer is it likely that I would see more of what I really want?

It’s not probable that we have fifty percent more to apply to any given endeavor. When I choose to do something I like to do it well. Thankfully, I’m not the perfectionist I once was, I resolved that issue. But, I tend to set the bar high is for myself. That might tell others something about me but it can’t come close to what it tells me about me. It lets me know if I have chosen wisely. If I care enough about what I’m doing. If I am aligned properly to my highest calling.

do the impossible Walt Stoneburner
Image via, courtesy of Walt Stoneburner

What would I attempt if I believed in myself two percent more? Is it possible I would reach a little farther? Stretch a little harder. If I had two percent more confidence would that overtake my fear? If two percent more could guarantee my destiny would I go for it? Can I find two percent more lying inside me? No matter how much I think I’ve given my all, I dare say, I could come up with an additional two percent more.

Two percent more learning, application, and commitment just might be worth exploration. Ten, twenty, thirty percent might be discouraging. Derail any chance of upward mobility. Thwart my efforts to venture beyond self imposed borders. I’m guessing two percent more is doable. For anyone and everyone willing to ask themselves for it. I don’t want to reach the end and discover I have two percent more in my tank. With no time left to use it. Are you sure you have nothing left or do you in fact have two percent more?

What does two percent more look like to you?

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  1. Love how you mentioned energy with this piece. It’s so essential. I love the feeling of energy when I’m with a top performing team at work. It’s so motivating. I hadn’t heard of the 2% concept before – thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Rick! I think my problem is that I always give 1000% more than just 2% more! 🙂 This explains my migraines! Hihi….