Christmas is my favorite Holiday. I love to give gifts. Ok, I kind of like to receive gifts, too. But, the one gift I have given more than any other is a watch. Why a watch, you ask? Because we need to know what time it is.”

As we approach the end of the year and begin to think about the year weve had and the year we want next, there is no better time to PLAN.

I know the saying, If you fail to plan – you plan to fail,” has been around so long it might cause you to roll your eyes. So, I hope you can hit refresh because the message still rings true.

You probably know someone who put more planning into their wedding than their marriage. Or, you might have a friend that goes grocery shopping without a list, buys things they dont need, and forgets things they do need. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of not following through on good intentions because we didnt develop a Plan to help us follow through.

I cant imagine building a house without a set of Plans, A Blueprint. Nobody would argue that building a life is more important than building a home in the grand scheme of things. Yet, very few develop a plan to reach their dreams. Hopefully, you checked your watch and are determined to enter the New Year armed and loaded with the power of a Written Plan.

Indeed, you cannot take all the risk out of anything. Still, we can enhance our ability to progress by creating a well-thought-out document to hold our feet to the fire, eliminate excuses, and experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.

My Blueprint Project is the most comprehensive training that I have ever developed. I will challenge you to ask yourself the hard questions and clarify the things that are the most important to you, and guide you in creating a Blueprint for building the life you want.

Progress is what inspires us to keep going. Doing a little every day is more valuable than doing a lot someday. So it helps not to get bogged down by the enormity of the life you want. I have worked without a plan, and I have worked with a plan, and I can tell you that a Blueprint for success has always yielded more. So committing to a Blueprint you developed and working daily on that Blueprint will pay huge dividends.

Another reason to know what time it is is that you must schedule success. I cant think of anyone who declares: “My greatest ambition is to fail.” But how many people end up in relationships, jobs, living situations, and financial conditions that take the joy out of living? Most of us are good at getting our bodies ready for the day but not preparing our souls for life. The heart is designed to flourish, and ignoring the things that nourish us is detrimental to our well-being. And nothing is more nurturing than knowing who you are and why you are here.

I believe deeply in peoples capacity for greatness. I am also aware of how badly things can go wrong. But Im also mindful of how to rise from failure and adversity and soar to new heights. Failure is only permanent if you dont learn from it. The best way to move out of the past is to embrace the now! A Blueprint will rehabilitate you and help you live more fully.

Im currently training a group of college interns who have challenges sorting things out but have less baggage than many older people. These interns excite me in many ways, but one of the most apparent is that I can help them develop a Blueprint for Life at such an early stage of their lives. I wish that someone had shared these principles with me when I was in my twenties.

It takes Sea Change to See change!

We can wait until calamity forces change, or we can be proactive. Fate leaves too much to chance. And time is the one thing we cant get back. If we live a reactive life, we often go in circles, experiencing more of the things we wish were different. Taking charge of our destiny creates the most significant opportunity to make our lives matter, to live a meaningful and joyful life.

Wishful thinking produces nothing, but clarifying, planning, strategizing, and implementing move us closer to accomplishing our mission. Significance comes from the issues we resolve, the challenges we face, and the beauty we bring to the world. You are the key to all you are here to do! 192875

Time management is a misnomer. Nobody has ever come up with more than 24 hours in a day. So its not time we need to manage; its activity. And if we dont develop a plan and stick to the it, time will be unkind to each of us. Because when we lose time, its gone forever.


Its your time. Its your moment to redeem the time, take control of your life, and soar with the wings of an Eagle. If you know deep inside that, you are more than you have been, I couldnt agree more. I have witnessed, time and again, what happens to people who take AHA moments and turn those truths into freedom.

Of course, there is work involved. Unfortunately, no magic pill, Genie in a Bottle, or Fairy Godmother exists. If you have found a Wishing Well that made all your dreams come true, you dont need to work with me. But if you are ready to take action and seize the day, consider my Blueprint Project. It will put you in the drivers seat of your life!

Its not a lack of resources holding you back, nor is it being resourceful. Unfortunately, in these times of misinformation, it isnt easy to know who or what to believe. But, if you scale back the multitude of voices, you will hear your voice. And when you learn to trust your intuition, you can transition from cynical to sensational.

Its never been about doing— its always been about Being. And when Being is correct, the doing supports all that Being requires. So when you get your head, heart, and hands working together, you have your right state of Being and can create the life you want.

When clarity wanes, chaos reigns. So Im on a mission to connect people to the power of their dreams. From my perspective, there are only three questions that everyone needs to answer. And the proper responses to these three questions establish the foundation for constructing the life you are here to live. That’s why my Blueprint Project is designed to walk you through the process, guiding you step-by-step to put you firmly in control of your destiny!

Join me on this Blueprint Project journey and:

  • Learn the three questions everyone must answer
  • Move out of your past and into the present
  • Eliminate chaos by gaining clarity
  • Schedule your success
  • Walk in your destiny
  • Enjoy a rich, rewarding, and fulfilling life


The Blueprint Project is an eight-week program with 90-minute sessions via Zoom. Recordings will be available if you cant attend sessions. When you complete the course, I will schedule a thirty-minute one-on-one session to review your Blueprint.