Lighten Up!

Yuck is a word I often use when things get heavy, ugly, or downright dark. I’m conscious and aware of things I can control, like my thoughts, emotions, and habits. But despite my best efforts, things that are not within my control appear like they do for most people.

What’s a body to do? Well, we can get in bed, pull the covers over our heads and call it a day, an unproductive strategy I have tried in the past. Or we can use the space between what happened, known as the stimulus, and our response, known as the next step, to figure out the best way to move forward.

I discovered that focusing on my state of being before I launch into strategizing puts the body, mind, and soul in harmony. Getting and keeping our heads, hearts, and hands working together is critical. Otherwise, we splinter off in every direction and get nowhere fast.

Our story is always at the center of well-being. The story we tell ourselves is key to resilience. (resilience- the ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change). Oh yeah, it’s not about what happens but what we do next. If our story goes wonky, our response will too.

Self-care is a practice that requires deliberate intention. Though it has taken me some time and many trials and errors to develop methods to keep me grounded, it has been worth the effort. I agree that everything happens for a reason, but I’m afraid I have to disagree that what happens is some unknowable mystery. We can know why most things happen with some honest and courageous inquiry.

According to the latest science, the average person makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions daily. And since decisions have consequences, it helps to be less remote when it comes to decision-making. So we either keep our story intentional, or it becomes fictional, and we cease to live true to ourselves.

I’m all about bringing light to every situation. For me, it’s the cure to what ails us. So I had to learn to lighten up! I used to take everything personally, believing I was somehow defective, damaged, and not worthy of a rich, rewarding, and fulfilling life. My belief system kept me in a cycle of despair, and I lived out my beliefs providing an endless supply of negative experiences and outcomes. I’m grateful for the light that removed the darkness and cleared my path.

I’ve learned to honor every emotion and allow them to communicate their message freely. I shop for my thoughts because not every thought is mine. And someone else’s thought energy can lead me astray. I inventory my relationships because they are not all healthy. I eat to fuel my success, realizing the wrong food can turn my light out. Every decision matters, and the proof is in the consequences.

I often walk in nature, sit by the water’s edge, read inspirational books, listen to music, plan my activities, allow some spontaneity, engage in meaningful conversation, meditate, pray, and exercise to keep moving in the direction of my dreams. I have a written blueprint for life to encourage myself to stay intentional about the things that matter most. I contribute to the well-being of others. And I have added the latest technology to heal my body, a little-known breakthrough that stimulates my body to heal itself and fosters well-being in all other areas of my life. The secret is light, and we can all access it. I can show you how!

I lived in emotional pain for many years; you guessed it, it turned into physical suffering. We are light beings, not meant to live in darkness. Whether it is physical or emotional pain or confusion and chaos that dims your light, there are things we can do today to lighten up!


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