An Intuitive Workshop

Can I tell you a valuable secret?

Science says people who talk to themselves are geniuses. But, obviously, these scientists have not heard the many conversations I’ve had with myself. You know, the ones we all have where we berate, insult, and chastise ourselves. And how our feelings of inadequacy, limitations, and inferiority structure our language for internal dialogue in unhealthy ways.

Despite the inappropriate internal talks I’ve had, I’m thankful that I’ve learned to listen to myself. I’m not sure who to credit this to, but I’ve heard it said that;


“You need to talk to yourself because you need
to hear from someone intelligent.”


I cannot count the times I have ignored my inner voice and lived to regret it. The answer, the correct course of action, the right word was present, and I silenced it because I didn’t trust myself. We can spend a lifetime exploring the complex systems we have constructed of communicating with ourselves, or we can permit ourselves to go straight to the place where we establish trust in our own voice.

It’s good advice not to jump in before you know how deep it is. But unfortunately, I have notoriously discounted this wisdom far too many times. As a result, I have been in meetings surrounded by people only to realize I don’t belong here. It’s an awful feeling. Consequently, I’ve cultivated business relationships and personal friendships that turned out to be unhealthy and even damaging.

We can all be blindsided, but I generally find the warning signs that I missed or refused to acknowledge when I walk these relationships back. We come equipped with a sound warning system that gets disconnected by “fight or flight” experiences. Our senses can get dulled by the lack of attention or desperation.

We long to belong, but if we haven’t found our inner genius, it’s unlikely that we have been
attracted to the right relationships and situations. Here’s the secret I mentioned:

“You’re more than enough for the life you want to live.”


You already have everything you need to live the life you imagine. It’s only conditioning, indoctrination, and programming that stifle your potential.

Whether you want to lose weight, write a book, start a business, or find a mate, Intuition is your access point to your promised land.


Join us, and…

1. Discover how to honor your inner wisdom

2. Clarify where you belong

3. Experience more joy in your pursuits


Join my “Take Your Seat!” Workshop
and re-connect with your inner intuitive genius.