Prosperity Alliance


The Prosperity Alliance

I first learned about the power of residual income in 1989. I had just departed from a toxic business relationship that left me emotionally depleted and financially devastated. I was in dire straits with a wife, two small children, and no income.

I had some friends in the insurance industry, and they suggested that I give it a try. But unfortunately, I knew nothing about insurance or sales. So, my friends promised to teach me the business, but first, I had to get an Insurance License.

I took a seminar that taught me how to pass the license exam, and I took the exam the next day. I passed the exam and got appointed with an insurance company. Unfortunately, it wasn’t with my friends, and the training at my company was less than stellar. Since it was commission only, if I didn’t sell, we didn’t eat.

Because my friends were with a different company, selling other products, their help was minuscule. I was on a severe learning curve. Nevertheless, I managed to eke out $30,000 in my first year. That money didn’t go far in Southern California. But I made $90,000 in my second year. My wife and kids appreciated my success, and I felt better too.

I accepted an opportunity with another company and became the office’s top salesman and Assistant Manager. I grew as a person and as a recruiter and trainer. Things were going along nicely when another opportunity appeared and would allow me to work with some of my friends. I accepted the offer and moved from San Diego to Los Angeles.

After a few months, I became a manager. Unfortunately, the office I took over was underperforming, which was a make-or-break situation for me. Still, I was determined to succeed. I had to sell, recruit, and train to keep things going. A year and a half later, we went from 7 to 83 agents doing 5.5 million dollars a year in new business. I earned Manager of the Year, and my residual income was now $15,000 monthly.

The ability to get paid again and again for the work I did once is incredibly rewarding and empowering. I liked the money but was not too fond of the insurance business. However, since the company had to pay me if I left, I took the opportunity to pursue other interests.

While it’s true that life is what happens while you are on your way to doing other things, I wanted to find opportunities to get paid multiple times for the work I did. Unfortunately, finding work that is meaningful, fulfilling, and financially rewarding isn’t all that easy.

I wish I could say everything I tried prospered, but I can’t. For example, I invested in real estate, which paid off big time. But unfortunately, I lost money in the stock market, and several of my business ventures failed. Life is nothing if it’s not an adventure.

My objectives are clear. I want to bring all I am to what I do and get paid for it. Second, I want to make a difference in the world. Third, I want to represent my highest ideals, offer products and services I believe in, and share my knowledge and experience to help others do the same.

I created the Prosperity Alliance to accomplish this mission. If you share my desires and want to align with these principles, then I have an opportunity for you to realize success and build the life you deserve.

Imagine a business that requires a modest investment, has products everyone wants with no competition, provides unlimited earning potential, and empowers you with advanced training and unrivaled support.

Think about it:

  1. Low startup investment
  2. Complete training provided 
  3. No required inventory
  4. Website and Mobile App included
  5. The ability to run your entire business online
  6. Zero competition and excellent compensation

Prosperity is more than money. It’s the condition of being successful and thriving in health, wealth, relationships, and more time to do what you want. An Alliance is an association formed for mutual benefit. So, I created The Prosperity Alliance for people just like you.

Let’s explore the possibility: