It was a lighthearted day in January 2017. I was lying on our bed, enjoying a conversation with my wife. Then, I felt an unusual pain in my right shoulder that grew in intensity and began moving down my arm. I mentioned it to my wife, and she was alarmed due to her experience in the medical field.

She wanted to take me to the emergency room, suspecting I could be having a heart attack. I declined, mostly because I had no chest pain, and the pain hadn’t reached that level. However, she kept a close eye on me, asking about my pain level often. The pain gradually worsened, but I wasn’t that concerned. Finally, she said, I’m calling an ambulance if you get nauseated.

It only took a few more minutes, and I was in the restroom. Tina was yelling, “I’m calling an ambulance. You’re having a heart attack.” We only lived two blocks from the hospital, so I said we could walk. “Are you crazy? she asked.” I agreed to a cab ride. I looked into our bathroom mirror and asked myself, “Are you going to make it or not? Just tell me, I requested.”

The EKG told the doctor all he needed to know, and I was in surgery in no time.

How did I get here?

Well, there’s this DNA thing. My father died at fifty-two of a heart attack, one of the few things I knew about my dad. Was this my inheritance? “Gee, thanks a lot, ole man.”

Or maybe the heavy carbohydrate, severe sugar, and Crisco diet did me in. Nobody told me that what I ate before I was twenty would seriously affect my health after forty. Did anyone even know back then?

I can’t forget about the ’70s. The party only stopped long enough for me to get restocked. It appears alcohol only sterilizes when you pour it on, but not in. Otherwise, I should have no ugly infections, mean inflammation, or bad cholesterol.

Environmental toxins, genetically modified and processed foods, street drugs, pharmaceuticals with devastating side effects, known and unknown carcinogens wreaking havoc on our bodies, and inactivity have all contributed to premature loss of health and vitality.

I believe Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So the lack of prevention, limited knowledge, genetics, and some poor habits help us answer the question: How did we get here? But the next question matters the most: What can we do now?

Over the past three years, I have been restoring my health and returning my body to a younger state using affordable breakthrough technology. You don’t take anything, inject anything, and nothing enters the body. It’s not magic, but it is miraculous. And I have the medical numbers to verify it. For example, I haven’t had a high blood pressure reading in over two years. And I ran high even with medications.

People all over the world are using this technology to tap into their body’s ability to heal themselves.

For many years, I have coached, trained, and empowered people to connect to their dreams, aspirations, and higher purpose. I still get excited when I see the light come on in people’s eyes. I love to clear up confusion and replace chaos with clarity. But I think darkness comes in many shapes and sizes. Trauma, abuse, abandonment, and rejection, in all forms, bring a kind of doom and heaviness that can grind people into immobility. And I see disease or dis-ease as some of the worst darkness we can experience. Suffering is terrible!

We don’t have to accept declining health as our finality, and we don’t have to be millionaires to regain quality of life. So, besides my story and what this technology has done for my wife, I can introduce you to hundreds of people who can share first-hand experiences of how they have reclaimed their lives, restored their health, healed devastating symptoms, and defied the odds to live pain-free.

Will this work for you?

We won’t know until we talk.

Schedule a time on my calendar, and I can show you how to restore health and vitality.

You’ll be glad you did!

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