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The Time For Disappointment Is Now!

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We can’t get through life without disappointment. From disappointment in others, to disappointment in ourselves, we deal with this beast.

Perfectionism is dysfunction. I’ve been there; trying to deny my own humanity. Letting myself down. Mistakes are inevitable but, that’s not a license to abandon the pursuit of excellence. Every person has the potential to meet their best self. Peace of mind is the result of discovering, embracing, and sharing the magnificence within.

Personal shortcomings offer two predominate roads to go down. We can either wallow in despair, write self defeating stories to live out, or we are liberated to identify with the commonality of human struggle and accept the challenge to be the master of our own destiny. The naked truth; disappointment is only an invitation for more or less of the same.

For some, courage is the inspiration to rise again and again defining and redefining the interpretations of our experiences. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t dealt with the harshness of reality. The melody and lyric of every life has a sad or glad ringtone. The default setting is found in our power of choice.

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When we encounter anticlimaxes in ourselves, or in others, we are granted the gift of correction. It’s an opportunity to align with principles congruent with harmony. When we see disappointment as a teachable moment, learning the lesson it presents, we advance beyond perceived limitations.

Rhetoric has a shelf-life. Familiar things can trap us. Ventures of letdown scream to board a different plane. The ability to assess events and nonevents provides a path forward. Viewing life as a journey allows for navigating the highs and lows with growth and wisdom. Arriving at improved versions of ourselves.

Disappointment often temps us with survival thinking. Causing us to emotionally camp just outside of thing we should do next. And stepping into the flow that calls us by name. The heart that has lost its passion waits to be aroused. Giving up is not an identity it’s only an identifiable trait stealing the rewards resolve bestows.

Friends don’t hurt you or make things hard for you. They don’t support you in-spite of your blemishes; they support you because of them, cheering you on to greater heights. Reminding you to reflect, redirect, and connect with the power of your own dreams. People who don’t forgive do not represent divine intention. Since all judgement begins with hypocrisy we can move on counting are blessings as we go. Leaving behind the opinions and attitudes of those who are wrapped up in themselves.

I’m suspect of anyone who doesn’t walk with a limp.  They simply can’t be trusted as the gatekeeper of providence. We don’t all have the same issues but issues have we all. It’s a tragedy to forfeit the education disappointment affords. It’s not about what’s left of your life, it’s about the rest of you life.

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Whether we are confronting severe betrayal, or the worst self inflicted wound we are in an defining moment. Your failures don’t define you unless that’s where you stop. Your achievements don’t define you either; keep going. As a man who’s dysfunction took him to the brink of destruction I can attest to the reality of  overcoming disappointment.

Hope springs eternal. (Alexander Pope) Every disappointment requires a Now Action. The time for disappointment is NOW! Get over it, expeditiously.

How do you deal with disappointment?




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