Rick Amitin pursues spiritual liberty with passion and purpose. He is committed to the building up of other people through personal empowerment. He has travelled the super highway of enlightenment and navigated the many one way and dead end streets in route to his highest self. He is rumored to make failure pay for interrupting his day. And he is known to redirect his efforts whenever he corrects any misalignments. Never the quitter, he regroups, recalibrates, and keeps reaching for personal excellence. Being highly defined is his ultimate destination. Having been discouraged from writing he persisted to find his voice. He writes to see the light turn on in other people’s eyes. He overcame a disadvantaged beginning because he instinctively understands he is not here by accident. Rick is a communicator. He wants to communicate and looks for platforms to dispense his appreciation for the human experience. He considers words a sacred form of emotional and intellectual exchange leading directly to the deposit and withdrawal of life itself.  He is a certified hunter for the laugh, the cry, and the celebration that every day possesses. He has been sidelined on many occasions but always finds his way back into the game. What he values most are those closest to him and those that are about to be. He views the world as his classroom. And seeks the lessons that attitude teaches. His life experiences are more varied than the total of miscellaneous. He believes laughter is beyond priceless. He has innumerable pets that fortunately live only in his imagination. He believes that respect, compassion, and empathy requires daily feeding and constant grooming. He believes that life after death is best enjoyed before they bury you. Put yourself where success can easily find you is his motto. He currently resides in the Dallas, Texas area, with his wife of thirty-three years.

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