About Rick

Rick is an International Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Entrepreneur, and President of RickAmitin.com, a company dedicated to advancing personal empowerment and equipping people to live their dreams.

  • Has received numerous sales awards.
  • Was Sales Manager of the Year
  • Best Selling Author
  • Mentor and Facilitator

Design to Shine Community

I founded The Design to Shine Community, a membership site, to facilitate a fertile learning environment, supportive community, and ongoing training to address the roadblocks to unleashing our full potential.

The Blueprint Project

In my Blueprint Course, I facilitate moving from chaos to clarity and assist in creating a solid plan of action by defining what you want, when you want it, and precisely what it will take to achieve it.

The Prosperity Alliance

I’m a part of a Global Wellness Community dedicated to creating physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being. I invite you to join us in getting your head, heart, and hands working together and to get paid for bringing all you are to what you do and making a difference in people’s lives simultaneously.

Prosperity means thriving in health, wealth, and relationships. It provides the time and resources to live generously and harmoniously. It changes the trajectory of generations and allows us to leave more than we take.

I reside in Lakeland, Florida, with my wife, Tina, of 40 years. I’m a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

I would be happy to speak with you about any of our offerings.

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