Did You Miss Your Invitation?

Everybody who’s anybody will be there. Everyone wants to go. It’s the event of the year, actually, of a lifetime. Miss this and you’re likely to spend a lot of energy on sad days. Left to talk about how your life might have turned out if only you’d gotten in.

Junk Mail

junk mail Stefan Bellini wikimedia
Image courtesy of Stefan Bellini via commons.wikimedia.org

How much would the price of things we really want go down if we stopped all the junk in our mail boxes? There’s a fortune being spent on designing, printing, and distributing mail pieces that go straight from my box into the waste basket. Money that could lower the cost of things that are important. I’m sure I’m not the only one. However, advertisers would stop doing it if it didn’t payoff. I’ve wondered how many times something important got tossed because of the junk that surrounded it. Valuable things that needed my attention. Critical things that could be costly if I neglected to respond accordingly.


I know I saw it. I’ve torn the house apart looking for it. Forced to consider that it got thrown into the trash with the junk mail, I find myself digging through the trash in hope off finding what I didn’t mean to discard. Looking more closely at each insert and advertisement, searching for what is lost, I notice something men notice. A flier with a lower price on an item I just bought. Why didn’t I look at this stuff before I threw it away? I really need to find the notice before it’s too late. If I don’t it could cost me more than it should.

Things turn philosophical fast. Spiritual even. What is wrong with me? Why am I so stupid? Beating myself up for not taking action when I first noticed the envelope. The inner rap pounding against my jugular and taunting my anger. The conversation with myself, escalates to a feverish pitch, completely goes off the reservation. Silliness speaks. You know your dad didn’t teach you how to be a man. You’re a fraud. A first class screwup. You can’t handle life. You’re inept. Oh! These pesky little foxes are messing up my vine.


Subtle small white deceptions filling up my mind-box. Signals, sending me in the opposite direction, to establish competence and authority. Automatically casting aside, at quick glance, everything I classified as junk. I can’t find it. It’s nowhere to be found. I sit alone with my thoughts. Class is in session. I only want to receive checks, inspiration, cards of appreciation in my box. Advisements of tax audits, increases in fees, and expanded responsibilities are unwanted. Junk mail. This is nothing but crapola.

Found It

Life is fickle at best. Moderated by sunshine and dark clouds. Mountaintops and steep valleys. I’ve had my share of junk mail. Intimate communications pulling me into shared hypocrisy. Making it easy for me to miss scheduled appearances with celebrations aplenty. I don’t know you. I didn’t solicit you. I didn’t ask you to send me these experiences. The teacher interrupts my familiar self-diatribe with an inspired exegesis.

LiftOff steve jurvetson flickr
Image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson via flickr.com

you're invited chibitaryn“Life isn’t a conspiracy against you. In fact, what you get in your mailbox isn’t junk at all. It’s your inducement to higher learning, mastery, and self convincing. Don’t hate challenges so much that you declassify gifts of opportunity as junk mail. Control distraction. Sort through everything to determine what is worthy of time and attention. Prioritize to not mistakenly cast aside the crucial with the irrelevant. It’s your decision.”

Here’s your invitation to the biggest event on the planet; Your Life! Don’t miss it.

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