Can You Spot It?

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When our children were toddler’s I used to say to my wife, if anything happens and you decide to leave, the kids stay with me. A few years later, when they were teenagers, I said to my wife, if anything happens and you decide to leave, the kids go with you! The philosophy governing my grandson’s status is very clear; Everyone is expendable except, him. A little humor can go along way to keep you sane.

WISDOM- knowledge you actually use

I revamped my internal operating system some time back. For many years I approached everyday without being deliberate. I accepted feelings, thoughts, and actions as the collective summation of who I am. I viewed shortcomings, deficiencies, and flaws as permanent spots. Weaknesses that I felt guilty about. When shame took root I had an abiding sense of fatality and impending doom! I learned; what you think about you bring about. Doggone these irrefutable laws!

Taking control of your life means you don’t just observe. You’re not just a bystander. You can influence yourself. Make an impact on your daily life. Create positive outcomes. You can literally like the person you are and the life you’re living. There will always be the distasteful to deal with. From irate customers to irresponsible drivers. Some unpleasant things will continue to offer you ways to use patience. I’ve been told I have all the patience I could ever need, simply because, I never use any of mine. (Proud to report improvement!)

RESOLUTION- a firm decision to do or not to do something

There are four things I insist on every day! The decision to make this a daily ritual is, arguably, the best gift I’ve ever given to myself. Any day I can, check these off my to-do-list, I declare a great day. Time to celebrate!

  1. The Sweet Spot – Laugh so hard your stomach hurts.
  2. The Soft Spot – Cry over someone else’s pain.
  3. The Strong Spot – Help make life better for another person.
  4. The Solidarity SpotRefuse to think  destructive thoughts about myself or others.

This is my unfolding story and I’m sticking to it!

One of my favorite quotes;

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Your family, friends, strangers, and service workers provide abundant touch-spots to exercise goodwill. I love to write the note of encouragement, make the call to cheer someone, or affirm a person online. Pay a compliment to a cashier, look a security guard in the eye when I greet them, and acknowledge people by name. Connection is a choice. You will never run out of chances to make someone’s day!

A moment is waiting to take your breath away.  Can You Spot It? 



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