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Can You Spare Some Magic?

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Magnificence is clearly out of view. Multiple layers of life diabolically withholds essence. Emerging splendor remains imprisoned. Falsely accused innocence tightly sealed. The choice is transparent: Live or Die!

Devalued, first by others, then to yourself. Hard to tell which is more bitter. Common is often mistaken for normal. Working against intuition creates pressure. Compatibility with chaos leads to placement in bargain bins. The game is on. Life is being played. When do I qualify for rehabilitation? How much perfecting of devastation before I’m alive? Barely breathing, minimal pulse? Is that the point where mercy schedules resuscitation? It all fails. I make the turn. I move on.

The decision altered everything. I enter the rise. Knees weak, I bow in reverence, to the crystal white brilliance of original intention. Nostrils flaring from oxygen purity, I searched for what’s missing, it couldn’t be found. My precious story is silenced. Lies aren’t allowed. Expecting to be told to leave, get out, you don’t belong, the command never came. I have no accusers here.

So I’m not entitled to excuses? My scars don’t make me special? Pain isn’t me. Suffering isn’t me either. Identity doesn’t come from misfortune. We all have stuff. We deal with it in different ways. Labels, like toe tags, tell us who’s not alive. We hate labels. Even the ones we brag about. And, cling to. A label can’t tell you who someone is, only where they are.

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We can’t know people by what they’re going through. We have to wait for their response. Grand entrances are made by what you conquer. Lots of things have the potential to destroy you. Ruin your life. In those same moments you have opportunities to work your magic. When life’s critters bite you, with poisonous stingers, remove the venom with forgiveness. It destroys the work of enemies. I refuse to be defined by mistakes and injustices.

I helped myself when I understood my experiences weren’t unique. Details may differ, but every story has one of two endings; you get over it or you don’t. I find my authentic voice, and significance, are in the things I settle. When you solve problems you find your magic. You draw a crowd. People want to know whether it’s just sleight of hand or if you’ve discovered something that can help them too? Everybody wants to know. How did you do it? How did you get through that? How did you ever get over that. I think even more people want to know, how you recovered, from such an enormous mistake. Everyone is seeking remedy for something.

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We all have the power of life within us. We can expose our magnificence. Liberate our essence. Release our splendor. People who journey from blight to bliss, have a magic, that can’t be missed. Their laugh is deep. Joy abiding! Is everything perfect in their world? No. They just learned how not to give their power away. It’s part of their magic. I must warn you; they’re contagious. They’re strong, resilient, dedicated, troopers of triumph! Owning your heart is the most magical part. This bunch loves to share. If you come to the party bring your own straw. A big one. The biggest you can find! Your magic is your miracle!

How will you find your magic?  or  How did you find your magic?

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