A Band-Aid Would Be Ridiculous!

The Mouth-Body connection is real. The mouth is the window to overall good health. Healthy solutions are easily overlooked for immediate relief. The last thing I want, when I have a toothache, is a lesson on good oral practices. But, if I ignore the discipline required to maintain proper oral hygiene, I will only hurt again. Maybe worse next timeopenwide

Open Wide and Say Aah!

Free speech was never meant to be cheap. The right to speak openly for many has been dislocated from rational, responsible, dialogue. You can’t possibly be against hate, bigotry, racism, and all the other things you rant about and use hate, bigotry, and racism to promote your causes. That can only mean, you’re not actually against those things, you’re only against them being used on you. We have a much larger issue at the core of our civil disunion. That old saying is true; “Hurt people – hurt people.” I hear the layers of pain in much of the rhetoric coming from the mouths of my fellow citizens.

Anger can be just another escaped prisoner. A convict on the run. It can be defined from feelings of annoyance to fits of rage. If anger is used, to find solutions for the common good, we discover virtue within its flames. But, if you are willing to dispose, maim, annihilate, or kill off half the population because they don’t agree with you, what are you representing? I’m not at all impressed with sloth, lazy vocabulary, and childish temper tantrums. Political Correctness is the most effective distraction to civility I’ve seen in my lifetime. Empowering the immature to shoot first and answer questions later. It’s an addiction, making rehabilitation for the masses, inevitable.

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Let’s Look at the X Rays!

Both sides of the aisle is who got us here. It would seem love does cover a multitude of sins. I see many people worshipping personalities and I’m struggling to find a politician to respect. I set my expectations low and still fail to be excited. Just honesty, respectfulness, maturity, and common sense is all I’m looking for. I’m not drinking anybody’s cool aid. From either side of the aisle. In fact, I think having only one aisle has made civil decency unwelcome. Wisdom, inclusion, kindness, and principles appear to be prohibited on the current social landscape. If I wanted to experience a circus I think Barnum and Bailey offers the better deal. 

My concern is much greater than who gets elected the next president. While some are entertaining themselves with the sport of politics we’re being duped, bamboozled, and hoodwinked as a nation. Self intoxication is still inebriation. I was born here. I’m not confused where my loyalty belongs. I’m as committed to growth as anyone else. It’s my responsibility to increase my awareness and understanding. I will correct my speech, adjust my attitude, apply the principles of good citizenship. I will show respect for you even when we disagree. Nobody can brush and floss for you. And, would you want them too?

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When did name calling, personal attacks, and making fun of people become a mark of nobility? Bullying is bad among children. When did it become good in adult interactions? Standing up for what you believe doesn’t require the diminishing of another. It’s possible to express your position without spitting on the person you’re talking to. This post isn’t about our politics or our politicians. We tolerate them because they look like us. It’s about what we are suffering? Widespread oral disease. Weakening our structure. Our teeth are falling out. Creating social halitosis. It’s going to take maturity. When oral surgery is required a band-aid would be ridiculous!

How can we bring dignity back to the public square?


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  1. Treating others how we wish to be treated. Reproaching our neighbors in the manner we would want to be reproached. Think first. Do all things with love in our hearts and minds, which will reflect in our actions. Agree to disagree and don’t hold a grudge. Come together. There are many ways to reach a common goal.

    1. I appreciate your thoughts, Lydia. Civility isn’t as hard as many people think it is. Respecting one another would fix many social ills.