What’s That Sound?

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Paul Marcarelli, of ‘Can you hear me now’ fame over at Verizon Wireless, has switched his allegiances. He’s now spouting the praises of Sprint. Hey, is that allowed? Well, growth can actually mean change. While we know all change isn’t growth, most of the time growth will require switching things up. Whether Paul grew into a better contract, Sprint grew into a better Company, or Verizon Wireless changed for the worst isn’t really the subject of this blog post.

Holding on to the Familiar

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On more than one occasion I’ve been admonished to listen to myself. Obviously, someone thought I wasn’t in touch with my own sound. And, they were certain if I heard myself I would change my position. It turns out hearing yourself isn’t quite so fluid. I have many experiences, all vying for equal recognition, demanding to be heard. I find it necessary to ‘get in touch’ with myself in order to speak in my authentic voice.

Not every life encounter deserves the same amount of elevation. Some exposures will turn into Certificates of Wisdom qualifying you for promotion. Other things can’t be forgotten quick enough. Whatever we repeat becomes a part of our sound. Repeat things enough and you create a soundtrack to your life. I’ve been stuck before. Where I sounded like a broken record. Unable to let go of the junk in my trunk. I didn’t understand I was creating the sound of me. Until I heard what others were hearing I couldn’t change my sound.

The Power Of The Moment

Life has a recognizable melody. Peace, harmony, and love have a signature sound. When pain, fear, confusion, and especially anger dominates a life their sounds are distinguishable too. Attitudes, mindsets, dogmas of cultures all have identifying ringtones. Change is powerful. It sounds off. Like fireworks in the sky, everyone can hear the sound of transformation.

When what you’ve gone through is irrelevant, to where you are now, you’ve found your music. The tune that follows letting go is catchy. You hum, tap your toe, and dance all alone. The moment you’ve searched for, your moment, the moment you knew was in you has burst into reality. You’re marching to the beat of your personal drum. You’re no longer who and what someone told you to be. You have come into your own.

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Image courtesy of Ryan Altamera via flickr.com

Courage is what it takes to arrive at these moments. And, courage is what it takes to stay the course. Not everyone will believe in your new sound. This isn’t your responsibility. They too will have to hear themselves. Some people are in your life for a reason and some people are in your life for a season. People who appreciate upward momentum will show up for you. The sound of excellence is attractive. There are people who want you to succeed. Let the divine turn your water into wine.

How would you describe your sound?




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