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Right to Life!

My Right!

Since it’s my responsibility to define my life, you can understand why I can’t surrender, step aside, act like I don’t matter, just to allow you to have the life you think is yours. Any opinion that requires I forfeit the opportunity to advance in the direction of my hopes and dreams is invalid. Pardon me, for not eliminating my life, to tolerate yours.

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The human experience is layered with highs and lows. Mountain tops and valleys. Victories and defeats. Moments when I’m paying attention and times when I’m asleep at the wheel. Immaturity and mastery work together to develop the strength of consistency. Funny how the finished product never reaches the finish-line. If I had expired in my twenties, who would say, I had nothing else to accomplish? If I live to be one hundred years old I would still not be perfect. Growth is the goal.

Mark your Advances!

Through observation I’ve come to know life as a fickle process. The sun shines bright one day, causing me to sing and dance in warm rays of light. Tomorrow can bring dark clouds, fierce winds, sending me running for shelter. Life is a non-fiction mystery. So many moving parts, plot-lines, and characters. I have a collection of answers to go along with my endless list of questions. Stability comes from the experience of knowing life continues through out-of-control seasons. I can’t tell you how much I’ve taken since I said, I can’t take any more. I’ve lived through many things I thought would kill me.

I’ve worked against myself. At times, I’ve been my own worst enemy. Never my intention. True anyway. One gift of outlasting dead-end roads, out-dated maps, and inadequate wisdom is inevitable clarity. The ability to see what is beyond the illusion. Hidden behind the lies that bind. Perhaps it would have been better if I could have perceived reality sooner. Why go there? If I focus on the past I miss the opportunity I’m in. It’s not possible to redo yesterday. The best thing I can do is to let the dead bury the dead. Making devastation work in your favor is a hallmark of success.

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Walking with a limp can add character. Make you more empathetic. Create a safe place for you and the people you meet. I’ve breathed the air of death. Walked around like a corpse. Depressed myself into oblivion. Wallowed in self-pity so long even nausea got sick of me. I’ve also been to the party. Danced in the spotlight. Took in the crisp fresh air available only in elevated places. I’ve experienced the force of a downward spiral. And the energy of an upward draft. I allowed the power of life to pull me upright. The author of faith, turns out, is the author of chance, second chance, and more chances.

I have the right to not fail. When I falter I have the right to try again. I’m not a fan of the popular adage,”everything happens for a reason.” People offer it like its pure wisdom. Can you tell me what the reason is? That would be helpful. Only when I discover the “why” am I empowered to know the reason. I know this, if I’m growing, I’m on my way to living the dream. No matter how long I’ve carried the “wonder” of my life, in the womb of possibility, I have the right to bring my “miracle”  into the world. The surest way to thwart the divine intention of me is to compare myself to others. What could’ve been. Or what should be. Walking in the Light is my right.

The Power of Choice

The call to us all is precise; Rise Up! Take the risk of success. Gain the rewards that come by overcoming the junk that should have destroyed you. I’ve used rubble to rebuild. And achievement as a foundation. In the most unlikely of ways it’s turning out better than I believed possible. I choose to right and re-write the storyline of my life. Only evil disapproves.

As I accept healing for wounds, tragedies, and failures I also accept the responsibility of being whole. I’ve had the good fortune to solve the “why” in my life. Why this decision? Why did I make that choice? What you do is important. But, it will never be as important as why you do it. Understanding the “why” in my life unlocked the door to my destiny. When the door swung open I had no justifiable reason to stay put. I’m obligated to step into a world without excuse. I’ve witnessed the effects of re-branding.

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Image via pixabay.com

One thing is certain, for me, and everyone else. Life, abundant life, is possible, probable, and plausible. I don’t have to let anyone take it from me. I don’t have to deny myself. I recovered, replenished, and redirected my true intention. Hope is alive. By redeeming the moment, hearing the heartbeat, and standing in my place I’m able to celebrate my existence. I’m compatible with virtue, value, and victory. I get along well with high ground, thriving, and fulfillment.

Strike while the iron is hot. “Seize the day.”  Resurrect and get after it. You matter. Make your life count.

You have a right to life!

How are you moving forward?





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  1. This is so true. It is amazing how we allow past failures or past hurts to dictate growth. I know that I have. Living in victim mode is a safe place, because becoming whole is frightening. Then I have to be responsible for my own progress. Breaking free is vital.
    Good word! I enjoyed this article!

  2. I sometimes feel so inadequate that it slows my progress of going for what I should know is mine, BUT dought keeps me in bondage

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