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Mirror Mirror!

man in broken mirror Jim Jackson

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Who doesn’t love a good nursery rhyme? I’m talking classics here. Remember, Wheels on the Bus? How about, Pat a Cake? Or, Humpty Dumpty? Ok, so I’ve dated myself. Maybe a little diddy from childhood conjures up warm memories for you. Times when you sat on the lap of someone making you feel loved, special. It’s quite possible you’ve performed some of your chart toppers, for the enjoyment, of your own child, niece, or nephew. Are you really going to try to convince us you didn’t have fun doing it?

I’ve had the best time making stuff up to sing to Jaden. Partly because I’m creative and partly because I don’t have many nursery rhymes committed to memory. Bedtime stories, when I was a child, weren’t a high priority at my house(s). Hey, everybody can’t have a storybook beginning. I mean, what would happen to the therapy industry? Self help wouldn’t even exist as a noble, life long, pursuit. Besides, Jaden likes my made-up tunes enough to request them. Alright. If you insist. I’ll give you one. Just one.

My little boy’s sweet as apple pie

A little bit bold and a little bit shy

But when he smiles from ear to ear  He brings me a belly full of cheer

Proper Application Required

man in mirror Tommaso Lizzul

Image courtesy of Tommaso Lizzul

Daniel Pearson posted about a Reddit thread he came across where people were revealing the most embarrassing thing they learned late in life. One person stated, I absolutely hated skim milk, as a kid. This is because I thought it was pronounced “skin milk.” I assumed pieces of skin were floating in the milk. Off by just one letter and a life sentence as a result. Through this article I learned that I have been misquoting “mirror on the wall.” Thankfully, I wasn’t totally devastated. Having obtained my right to order fro
m the “55 and over” menu, I’ve had lots of practice dealing with mistakes. Mine and yours, if I know you.

Hanging around long enough to be called a survivor has its benefits. I was totally prepared for the big reveal, you know. When I discovered the exact words, and that I had been saying it wrong my whole life, I paused. It’s what I did next that shows everyone my mastery. When I learned it’s not “mirror mirror on the wall” but “magic mirror on the wall” I was initially in disbelief. I considered making an appointment. Stretching out on the couch for more sessions. Ready to spend money to get over it. Then I heard my inner voice say, loud and clear; “you’ve got this.”

Let me explain. We’ve all been mirrorized (embellished word). We’ve been looking into the words said to us, the ones that cut us deep. We’ve interpreted the actions of people, who didn’t know our value, as settled fact. Some of us have incorrectly accepted less, thinking, we are unworthy of any better. Many have preprogrammed mirrors. Every time we look at ourselves we know what to expect. We adventure only to its allowable limits.

Strip and Reapply

babyinmirror   by noirta tsu

Image courtesy of Noirta Tsu via deviantart

Magic Mirror is the correct line in the fairy tale. I’m trying to be gentle here. I want to let you down easy. There is no magic mirror in real life. All negative affects from hurtful actions, self-inflicted wounds, or words of terror are commutable. Able to be permanently pardoned. Any and everything done from a misspelled perception can be undone. No life sentence required. All the junk is temporal. It ends when you’ve had enough.

We stand still and travel from fantasy to reality. Wayne Dyer famously instructed, “when you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.” You owe it to yourself to own what you see, think, and feel about yourself. Not sanctioning debilitating opinions and behaviors from others. If you agreed with them you have probably sabotaged yourself. The next time you look in the mirror don’t ask the mirror to tell you anything. Tell yourself, the truth about what, you see!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall I am ___________________________!

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  1. I have found that the hardest thing in life is trying to reprogram my thoughts to rid myself of the labels I placed on myself, by accepting the opinions of others. As a matter of fact, I did not realize how much I was crippling my own life until I hit a wall. Luckily, a very wise pastor helped me start on a new path some years back =) I still struggle, but am making strides. Good post!!

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