Adventures in Marty! 3

by snapawayoungman

Marty’s eyes are fierce. You could cut the intensity with a knife. He’s the definition of deliberate. He’s in the womb. Outside the womb. And through the womb. Everything happens within him. Science, with all its advancements, has a much later point of reference. Marty is beyond the microscope. He deals with thought as it becomes flesh. 

Leelee slides her feet over the side of the bed. The covers are twisted between her legs. Her night shirt is crumpled up around her. She sits still. Feels a little strange. Not sick. It’s more like she’s about to be. Alex just got out of the shower. He over slept a little so he’s in a hurry. Leelee is still sitting at the edge of the bed when Alex comes out of the bathroom. Where’s my lavender shirt, he bellows? He doesn’t notice Leelee’s aura. She stands up slow, pauses a moment and says, I’ll get it for you.

Life is a delicate balance of tension. Marty is a master. He navigates action and reaction with skill. There are no accidents of the womb. Pantokrater’s will is to bring forth life. He employs people to make it happen. Things can go wrong. People can disagree with him. A body can fail to cooperate. Not this time. A baby is coming! Marty monitors vital signs. Adjusts things here. Moves things there. Perfection and imperfection are working together. Marty is totally into it.

The nucleus of Mr. Squiggly moves towards the nucleus of Ms. I’m Happy To See You. Gradually they become ONE; revealing the nature of divine intention. Zygote is in play. Chromosomes from the father, and mother, unite to form a gene pool. Distinct markings that have never been used before, and can never be used again, are given at conception. It’s known as DNA. The medical field calls it Deoxyribonucleic Acid. IT Geeks think it means, Departmental Network Administrator. Marty understands it’s; Divine Nature Applied. The signature of the Creator.

by panadonia

Marty begins to whisper. You are unique. There’s nobody like you. You are never alone in your identity. Don’t misplace who you are. Should you ever lose your way – come back to this moment. This is your home!

Leelee inches her way to the kitchen. Alex has returned to the bathroom to finish getting dressed. She yells out, what do you want for breakfast? He replies, just coffee and a piece of toast. She fills the pot with water. Scoops in the coffee and hits the brew button. She places a slice of bread in the toaster. Steps to the sink. Places her hands on the counter to steady herself. She wonders if she is coming down with something.

Just as she puts the buttered toast and coffee on the table, Alex rushes to the dinning room. He plunges into a chair. Sips the coffee and squeals, man that’s hot. He puts the cup down and bites into his toast. Leelee has sat down at the other end of the table. Chewing like he’s in a speed contest he looks up at Leelee. He observes the unusual look on her face. What’s wrong? he asks. Didn’t you sleep well? She mutters, I’m okay. I think I might be catching something. Will you get my travel mug? he asks. I’ll have to take my coffee with me.

She transfers the coffee from the cup to the mug. She walks to the door as Alex grabs his suit-coat and briefcase. He reaches for the door knob and coffee at the same time. He kisses her on the forehead. As he scurries out the door he glances back at her. In an oh yeah kind of way, he says, hope you feel better. She accommodates with, me too.

She returns to the kitchen and pours herself a cup of coffee. By the time she gets back to the table she decides hot tea sounds better. With her tea in hand she retreats to the couch. She’s full of life, upbeat, and ready to go most of the time. Not this morning. She wants to talk more with Alex about having a baby. But time hasn’t allowed for it. Leaning on the arm of the sofa, she pulls her legs up. She covers herself with the blanket laying next to her. Holding the cup with both hands, close to her mouth, she is comforted by the heat.

Her thoughts take her deep. She keeps getting interrupted by her physical symptoms. She sips her tea, content to bounce back and forth, with her introspection. A few of her friends have newborns. Another friend is due in about a month. She has bought baby things for each of them. She smiles as she remembers the times she shopped for them all. She sets her tea on the end table and stretches out on the couch. She places a pillow under her head and rearranges the blanket. She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.

by Antoine-Louis Barye

Incredible things are going on inside Leelee’s body. Things she doesn’t know anything about. She’ll soon know about some of them. Others, she might not ever know. Marty is a one-man medical team. He’s attending to mother and child. Alex whips into his parking spot. He pushes the key-fob to lock the car as he runs into the building. He will make his meeting in the nick of time. Just another typical day…. Or is it?

Marty will return next Friday!



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