Watch Your Step!

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Give me motivation and I will reach my goal – give me inspiration and I will reach my potential!

We can’t get from point A to point B without taking some steps. Emotionally, intellectually, or physically we have to move. Is there a scheme, a method, or a philosophy that lends itself to expediency? How do I best advance in the direction I want to go? Are there secrets to discover that cause you to arrive faster, smarter, and more successful?

Between the book store and google search I uncovered more instructions than I could ever assimilate. Let alone, incorporate into my daily life. I found the following titles; Four Steps to Achieve Success, Four Straightforward Steps to Success, Seven Steps, Ten steps, Twelve Steps, and Twenty-five Steps all outlining their winning formulas. I even located 67 and 68.5 steps. Google search provided 94 different presentations, for the ever popular 10 step programs, on one page.

Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson each offered their ten step versions to success. Actors Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington, Leonardo Di Caprio have theirs. Eminem, Beyoncé, and Kanye West deliver 10 step outlines. The notable J.K. Rowling has her ten steps. Stephen King bumps his to eleven steps for successful writing, and twenty tips for smart blogging. There’s also five and seven steps for mastering the blogosphere.

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The faith community isn’t left behind. T.D. Jakes gives us ten rules and seven steps for success. Creflo Dollar has his 10 steps to revolutionize your life. Joel Osteen has five, seven, and eight ways to get there. There’s five, seven, and twelve ways to become a politician. Pick a subject and there are steps to make it happen. And let’s not forget the 12 steps to recovery. It goes on and on. My brain was convulsing. I was emotionally depleted and physically exhausted just looking at the first steps each person said to take. Guess what? Of the numerous ones I looked up, nobody had the same suggestion for the first step.

I’m not speaking disparagingly about any of the people I mentioned. I’m not criticising any one person. My point isn’t to degrade any attempt to expound on the steps to greatness. Obviously you can’t follow every suggestion from everybody. It’s a matter of math for me. Just following some of the ideas presented, in the volume of works on the subject of success, and you realize there are thousands and thousands of steps you would have to take.

I haven’t even scratched the surface, on the material available, promising to lead us to the winner’s circle. Throw in seminars, workshops, and online classes. Coaching, counseling, and teaching from people who haven’t yet put their aphorisms in print. Many of us have family and friends who seem to know just what steps we need to take to rise to the stars. Some theories have been proven. Some need to be tested. Who can argue strategy with a billionaire? They made it work for them. But, will it work for you? Is it duplicatable?

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Is there only one way to our individual utopia? Since we know we aren’t to be anyone other than ourselves it’s imperative that we find our own catalyst. Seek out the stimulus that best serves our individual destiny. Match our passion with our purpose. Determine for ourselves what success is. If we don’t define ourselves we might live our whole lives without ever knowing who we really are. We are going to step. We might step over it. We might step through it. We might step in it.

All I’m saying is; Watch your step!

Please share, the steps you are taking toward success, in a comment.



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