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Are you feeling turned off, shut down, or stuck?

Everyone wants to feel alive and enjoy their life. We want to experience love and connection. Living a peaceful and fulfilling life should be the natural order of things. But life can lead us into some trying and even dark days. I like to remind myself;

“I’ve kissed the lips of some beautiful days
and some beautiful days have kissed me too.
had some bad days but I’ve tried to limit them to a few.”

Our dreams need light to flourish. Stress, disappointment, and trauma have a way of casting a dark shadow over us. We can shift into survival mode and lose sight of the things that inspire us.

When we close down, turn off, and lose hope of ever having the life we once imagined, there is a sadness that permeates the air we breathe. The longer we stay in this state-of-being, the further our aspirations slip away.


It’s easy at this point to misplace our sense of wonder, create misgivings about people, and develop a worldview that's filled with wrong assumptions. 


We can get stuck in the blame game.


If we close our minds to new possibilities, our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being suffers.
Our dreams can seem like nightmares.

We were born nonfiction, and then fiction often takes over our storyline. Our power lies
in our ability to set the record straight and rewrite our story to reflect a more
accurate accounting of our beauty and majesty.

Identity Theft

is more than the loss of a bank account or credit score!


It’s the loss of affirmation, a sense of worthiness, and clarity
around competencies. And the effects can be devastating, causing us to settle into mediocrity and give up on the reasons we are here.


Fast Food

is more than burgers and fries!


They are those experiences of neglect, rejection, physical abuse,
and molestation that can happen even before our analytical brain kicks in.

So, how do we turn ourselves ON again?

Change the feeling!


Together, we'll discuss:

  • How to identify your Personal Matrix
  • How to determine where your nonfiction story turned into fiction
  • How to discover the feeling of your authentic self

Hi, I’m Rick Amitin, and I love connecting people to the power of their own dreams.


Over the past forty years I’ve not only transitioned my life, I have witnessed people transform, heal, recover, and flourish by changing just one thing. When we get our heads, hearts, and hands working together, we tap into our unlimited potential.


If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not -- because you deserve a rich, rewarding, and fulfilling life.

Your light never went out, it just got turned off!


Join my “Turn Yourself On” Workshop
re-envision the life you always imagined


Saturday, August 7th  |  12pm - 3pm EST
9am - 12pm PST, 11am - 2pm CST, 5pm - 8pm BST