Too Much Fun To Be A Sacrifice!

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Giving is so natural for some of us. Many people have to work hard at thinking of others. Still, some people are very selective in choosing recipients for their generosity. For some it is business. I will give to you if you will give to me. The givers who give for the pleasure of giving are a brand worth studying. We will probably give something of ourselves to someone today. Will it be deliberate, instinctual, or totally random?

We’ve all heard, “When you’re wrapped up in yourself – you make for a small package.” Nothing expands us the way giving does. Having a piece of ourselves in others attaches us to an ever-increasing growth continuum. Everything you do and accomplish shows up as a personal investment payoff. My assets are growing with your success. Any contribution toward helping other people reach their dreams qualifies for dividend checks. Whether you are rewarded in public or private you will be compensated.

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Giving with the intention of receiving isn’t good or bad by itself. If you think it’s more blessed to give than to receive and you develop that as a way to live your life you are banking on the recompense of your lifestyle. On the other hand, giving for some is manipulation. Even more severe are the relationships that create obligation by helping you out. I’ve helped you so you owe me. The bank is clear, I will loan you money and this is what I will charge you for doing so. Sometimes what people expect for what they are giving you isn’t so defined. How do we know who and what we are dealing with?

Finding people who give because they believe living generously is the best and only way for them to live is easiest when you are living that way yourself. I’m a natural giver. I learned to be a taker. I got over it. I’m back to my giving ways. I’m ambitious toward getting better at it. I have recently got acquainted with a guy, Kevin Knebl, who is so overwhelmingly generous that I’m stalking him. Hiding out in his shadow to just observe his kindness. He’s real, authentic, and most would consider a big-time name. He defies stereotype. He’s having too much fun for it to be considered a sacrifice. He’s a great reminder of how I will live the rest of my life.

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Image via, courtesy of inspiredimages

What does a generous life look like? Are you walking around handing out money all day long? Well, for someone who might be part of what they decide to do. For most of us it’s an attitude. A way of thinking and being. I’ve been testing my own commitment lately. I try to speak to everyone I pass. I acknowledge everyone I interact with. Looking them in the eyes. If they have a name tag I use their name in the exchange. I find something to give them. A compliment, an encouragement, anything to brighten their day. I’ve never felt this good.

It’s too much fun to be considered a sacrifice!!! 

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  1. Yep yep! Must be in the air! I was feeling down because I didn’t have $$ to give. God said, “Be generous with your time, your talents, your compliments, your encouragement…and ESPECIALLY be generous with your assumptions…

    1. With so much to give it’s a travesty to be distracted by what we don’t have. Generosity is the word!

  2. If we would all put away the cell phones for a bit and talk with each other, it would be amazing the parts of ourselves that we could share with others. Maybe we would just find enough parts to fix this broken world. Good article!

    1. I agree, Cathie. With all the ease of connectivity our relationship are suffering from the absence of human contact.