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The Wisdom of Intuition!

A voice. A thought. An instinct. Maybe it’s experience. It speaks. Sounding the alarm. Raising caution. Serving our need for insight. Oh how well things workout when we honor the friendship. How much pain and discomfort follows when we ignore the virtue. Wisdom is not hiding. It’s always present. Trying to serve us. Direct us. Preserve us. Propel us. We benefit by recognizing the message. We suffer when we don’t.


Image via flickr.com, courtesy of G. Chris Clark

Everybody is born a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid, Albert Einstein.

I do believe we are all born Genius’s. Life has a way of di-geniusing us. (made up word) Wrapping us in negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences. So we search, looking for clues to our true north. Heavily distracted by the notion, it’s out there somewhere, when it’s been inside us our entire lives. Focus is a powerful thing. Possessing the ability to manifest whatever we concentrate on. What we elevate becomes our ecosystem. The things we fear the most and love the most usually arrives in our Inboxes.

The pain/pleasure paradigm is fruit-bearing. It’s possible to favor one over the other. Familiarity breeds contempt. We get use to things. Become comfortable. Lose our sense of awe. Settle into mediocrity. Complacency. Acceptance. All happening against the backdrop of intuition. While it patiently waits for us to agree to better things. The proof is in the pudding. We keep going. In-spite of our setbacks, injuries, and missteps. Convinced things can and should be different. Better. The potential fuels our determination.

brokenpromises John Fekner en.wikipedia.org

brokenpromises John Fekner en.wikipedia.org

Even when we sabotage ourselves we’re aware of that piece of ourselves that just won’t die. That tiny urge that says, there’s a better way. There’s more to life than what we’re allowing. Anything we’re willing to tolerate isn’t likely to change. We’re in a dispute. An internal voice-war between what we see and what we haven’t yet seen. Human reasoning attacks divine intention. The genius in us is raging to be let loose from the popular. That cultural dominance that fails to deliver on its promises of setting us free. Liberty, as it turns out, isn’t without restraints.

Salvation is overlooked because it’s clothed in change. Sanity is undeniably found in giving up what doesn’t work for something that does. Intuition is God trying to interrupt the conversation. Offering the key to what ails you. Ultimately, we do what we want most. When our complaints are our deepest drivers we are hoping for magic. A rabbit to appear out of a hat. The miracle is in recognizing the voice that stands out from all the noise. The song, the book, the painting, and the talk can only move you if it connects to what is in you. Something already there.

We don’t need another hero. With every Pied Piper you lose your children with the rats. Our “meant to be” vanishes in the rat-race. The wisdom of intuition is that what you need is available right where you are. You have a “Knower” within. An unction that provides understanding. You are designed to interact with it. (Him) Don’t blame God for misrepresentations. Light can be dimmed when re-presented by human beings. Intuition remains pure. Trust it.


Image via flickr.com, courtesy of Sasastro

Look up to go up. Intuition, without fail, intends to raise you. Never to pull you down. Benjamin Franklin said; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Ronald Reagan made “Trust but Verify” a popular idiom. It’s best not to live a life of plagiarism. Using unsubstantiated claims, made by someone else, as fact. Labels can be misleading. Chemical free, no preservatives added, aren’t reliable statements. What are we to do? How do we find the truth? Use what you came with.

The Power of your own Intuition!







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