The Phases of Arrival!

 Dependence is First!

Like it or not, if someone didn’t take care of us, we wouldn’t be here right now. Even if the caretakers did a lousy job, and we ended up issue abundant, we had to have help. The design is rather virtuous in nature. Innocence must be protected and nurtured. The first years have a great effect on the way we relate to the world. Attitude and perception is shaped like wet cement and hardens quickly.

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I have many stories to share about a difficult beginning to my life. I’m certainly not unique. I’ve met many people who talk about the alligators in their milk bottles. The silver lining is that we made it. Surviving challenges we weren’t prepared for. There seemed to be just enough compassion and empathy to get us through. We didn’t die. We might have defects but, there are cures, if we want them.

Independence is Next!

Blame has a very short shelf life. Support for persons with unfortunate circumstances are readily available. There are plenty of willing hearts, ready with life strategies, to advance us in the direction of a productive life. Resources abound for the individual wanting to overcome adversity. When tales of woe, are more important than progress, inspired people will fade from view. Other people, sporting brokenness, will show up to wallow with you. Liking the familiarity of despair. 

Nobody is coming to save you. The world only owes those who can’t help themselves. It owes nothing to those who won’t. I do work for an organization dedicated to assisting blind persons. Many don’t accept their disability as disqualification to living. They don’t spend energy on what they didn’t get in life. What they should have been given. They’re interested in, what they can do, with what they have. Overcoming, an undeniable deficit, they fight for independence.

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The whole idea is to raise children to not need us. Refusing to cripple them by making them dependent adults. I know people who overcame poverty, racism, violence, and abuse to gain nobility. Hell bent on a better life. Independent people are confident, self-assured, and determined. They don’t look for an unfair advantage. They figure out how to beat every system designed to hold them back. Independence is the main credential needed to flourish at whatever you choose.

Interdependence as an Encore!

This group has secured what it needs. They may not be affluent but they are rich, fulfilled, and well rewarded. They’ve made their mark and now they want to make a difference. They collaborate to solve problems. Working on things that will outlive them. They’ve discovered the secret of giving. Generous with their time, talent, and money. They’re addicted to humanitarian endeavors. They rail against corruption, stand for civil liberties, and demand to be heard. They’ll be remembered for what they left not what they took.

They’re experienced, some walk with a limp, and many rose above their own failures. They refuse to let calamity and tragedy define them. They create enough force to maintain balance in an otherwise out-of-whack world of wrong thinking. Listen closely to what they would do differently and do it while you can!

What phase are you in?




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