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Kevin is not only one of the most recommended speakers and trainers in the world, he is also a really great guy. He’s generous and carries what I refer to as a “happy vibe.”

You could pay a lot of money to attend one of Kevin’s presentations. So, grab your notepads and join us for an insightful interview.

Kevin Knebl, CMEC is an International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Joie de Vivre Coach™ whose clients include individuals and small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. He’s an in-demand, leading authority on Social Selling, Relationship Marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter with a healthy dose of Inspiration, Transformational Insight, and Humor blended in for good measure for conferences, conventions, company training, and many other events.

Kevin is the co-author of “The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking” (McGraw-Hill). Kevin is also a contributing author of “Learn Marketing with Social Media in Seven Days” (Wiley).

Kevin is, The Most Recommended Business Speaker in the World
among over 281,298 Business Speakers Worldwide (LinkedIn 2017)
Int’l Speaker/Author/Trainer
Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Specialist
CEO – Knebl Communications, LLC, The Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Professional Services Firm™

“High Tech + High Touch = Much Higher Success” ツ


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Got Time For A Heart Attack?

OK! I took time out to have a heart attack.8576195628_0df9f2a68e_z

Don’t cry. On second thought, go ahead and cry. They tell me there’s no visible signs of damage to my heart. I told them they need a machine that will show heart-breaks not just heartaches. My physical organ only tells part of my story. Metaphorically, I have plenty of scar tissue on this ole ticker of mine.

They asked me what I thought caused my heart attack. Having never experienced chest pains or any other symptoms, I told them I had just released a book about a week ago and the sales were so disappointing that it clogged my arteries and sent me to the ER.

They said, that’s probably not the cause. Totally ignoring a possible intangible truth, they launched, into a diatribe on how important it will be to switch to a heart healthy diet, and an exercise regimen. You can see what I’m dealing with here.

I seem to be doing fine even-though, I completely failed in convincing the Dr. to use a different explanation to describe my medical event. Heart Attack, he insisted. You had a heart attack. Other than getting me to take it all seriously I can’t, for the life of me, figure out his resolve. I’m dumbfounded by his stern diagnosis.pexels-photo-41123

Anyway, if you think I’m slow to respond or acting out of sorts, just know I’m waiting for the raw carrots and broccoli to kick in. I expect to be back to myself in no time. Other than making errors, in everyday activities of daily living, I’m determined to return to active duty, fully myself.

Resisting the temptation to over-spiritualize my unwanted and uninvited interruption I can’t turn down the invitation to pay attention to matters of the heart. It does appear that our hearts are prone to unsuspecting combat. If we see ourselves engaged in meaningful work it’s easy to notice that poor diet and lack of extraneous exertion will have a derogatory presence.

Eating a steady diet of fast foods like rejection, unworthiness, and isolation will render us immobile and inactive. We can ignore the need to exercise goodwill, toward ourselves and others, leaving us where prevention is too late and a cure is required. Remember, if you have burned with anger, unforgiveness, and self-loathing it’s never to late to quit smoking. We can all give up fried hatred; self-directed or otherwise.

Energy and good health are necessary to a vibrant life. Giving up is not appealing unless you are headed in the wrong direction, thinking wrong thoughts, or allowing self-defeating attitudes to clog the ever-important circulatory system. Think”heart health!”

My book “If Only I Had A Dad: Finding Freedom From Fatherlessness” is good for what ails us; what ails our hearts. If you have lived with a broken heart, struggled to know who you are, desired more clarity, and would like to know how to treat the high cholesterol chaos running through our collective humanity, give this book a chance.

If my book doesn’t make you cry, laugh, and leave you hopeful email me! I know a good shrink I can refer you to. Just joking; sort of!



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The Mission of Transformation!?

The seven truths that lead me to a life I don’t want to leave.

It took over fifty years to live it out and two years to write it but today, on my sixtieth birthday, I’m happy to share my journey with you.sixty-and-two

I had to unravel a serious emotional, mental, and religious knot. My dad abandoned me and I had three stepfathers by the time I was nine. I was raised in an ultra conservative religion and yet conformity didn’t set me free.

I searched and searched, good places and bad, but the pain never stopped until, that one moment in time when everything changed. I’m fortunate. I can pinpoint the time, place, and circumstances that marked my transformation. It was only the beginning but I would never be the same. book-promo-pic

I didn’t know what being wanted felt like. I had no sense of worthiness. Any uniqueness existed in my eternal defect. Things don’t last. I didn’t know where I belonged. With no clarity, and the absence of my identity I roamed into hyper-masculinity and developed approval addiction.

When my grandson dropped out of heaven I became a man!

master-book-release-picRead the whole real life story, with the ugly left in, and hope for us all!

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Adventures in Marty! 17

waiting room

Image via en.wikipedia.org

A message was sent to the delivery room for Alex and Leelee. The family is gathered in the waiting room. The birth is not yet eminent. Leelee asked Alex to go and give them an update. He reluctantly conceded. As he walked through the door they all stood up. In unison they pleaded, is she alright? Tell us how she’s doing, rose her mother’s voice above the others. She’s doing great. She is really doing great. I don’t want to be away from her. I just wanted you to know how safe we feel with all of you being here. I will come and give you news on how things are going. With a panoramic sweep he made eye contact with each person there and offered a smart smile.

Prancing is the only way to describe the run/dance Alex used to get back to his wife. Bursting through the door he rushed to her side. Nothing changed in his short absence. Leelee looked tired as she dealt with the pain that had now lasted for hours. Her countenance relaxed as she reengaged his hand. A nurse wiped her face with a cool, moist cloth. Alex requested one be put on her forehead.

Alex reaffirmed his deep affection for Leelee. She stated, I feel blessed to have you, Alex. Why don’t we talk about names for the baby? If it’s a girl he said, I want you to name her. If it’s a boy, I would like to name him. Is that okay with you? he inquired. She said, I can live with that. Just as she asked what name he chose if the baby is a boy, she shrieked. Oh! God! She bellowed. Alex stepped back rapidly having been alarmed by her scream. He later admitted that she scared him. But only for a minute.

Two nurses came as if the decibel level revealed some delivery room secret code. Announcing, baby is soon to be introduced, to his parents. Alex apparently failed Lamaze class. One of the nurses began to coach miss soon-to-be mom. The other nurse went for the doctor. Leelee was ranting again. Alex is uncertain if he should be there. She seemed so mad at him. A few of her comments tempted him with verifying her identity. He couldn’t believe she was saying these things to him. He was even more afraid she meant them.

midwife en.wikipedia.org

Image via en.wikipedia.org

He let go of her hand to have a peek at what the doctor was seeing. What he saw made him step back again. He broke out in a sweat. Felt lightheaded. The doctor took notice and asked if he was okay. I’m good he said. I just need a minute. You can’t faint in here, the doctor begged. Go get a breath of fresh air if you need to. It will be a few minutes yet. Alex turned to go out of the room when Leelee said, in a militant voice, don’t you even think of leaving, Alex.

That seemed to be the reprieve he needed. He went straight to her side. Careful to avoid the general area where the doctor was focusing his attention. More screams, shrills, and Leelee blaming Alex for her current state of affairs. She was now committed to the export business. He was an emotional basket case. Thrilled about the birth of their child. But, perplexed as to why these things, these hurtful, derogatory things were being said to him by his loving wife.

newborn with father en.wikipedia.org

Image via en.wikipedia.org

Push, they all said. Push. We are almost there, the doctor informed. I see the baby’s head. Stay with us, Leelee, the doctor ordered. That’s it, he said. One big push now. Her screams had to set some sort of record. Alex couldn’t believe how loud she was. He let go of her hand and joined the doctor at the point of entry. Swoosh. Just like that, the baby was out of his mother. Alex was looking at his son. It’s a boy, he shouted. We have a boy, Leelee.  She wanted to know if he was alright. Does he have everything he’s suppose too. Yes, Honey! He is a fine looking son.

The Invisible’s were tangible to everyone that believes.

Marty will return next Friday!


Adventures in Marty! 15


Image via flickr.com, courtesy of Lucas Raab

Leelee is sitting up in bed. Resting against the headboard. Smiling. On the edge of bursting out in laughter. Alex is singing in the shower. Not just an underwater hum. This resembles an on stage performance. She has never heard him sing before. He likes music. He might turn up the volume on a favorite song, but to break out in a sing along, just isn’t his style. No music is playing in the background. Alex is making his own melody. She is pretty sure he’s making up his own words too.

Life is different. The past months have brought them closer together. She never imagined Alex the way he is now. She saw him as a good man. Loving. Kind. But he always had an edginess. He could be forceful. Even intimidating. She learned how to bring him around. Reign him in. Much of that part of Alex is gone. Empathy has replaced his dissonance. He’s open. Engaging. Much more calm. He looks more alive. Vibrant. Not out to conquer the world. An inner peace rests where turbulence used to be. There’s a new man walking in his shoes. She likes it. A lot!

They usually slept in on Saturdays. Lately, Alex has been getting up early. Making sure to be quiet to let Leelee rest. Waiting patiently for her to come downstairs. This time he went straight to the shower. He certainly isn’t being quiet this morning. She can’t think of a better way to wake up. Her sense of tranquility is sustained as she listens to Alex singing. Wow, she said out loud. The baby just gave her a kick. She isn’t due for a few weeks. For several days, and nights, the baby has been quite active. Since the early scare, the pregnancy has gone very well.

Alex peeks around the bathroom door. It dawned on him that he might have woken Leelee. She grins at him. Says, I really enjoyed your concert, Alex. Did I wake you? he asks. No, she responds. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I’ve never heard you sing, Alex. He blushes. Not knowing what to say. Leelee tells him, I didn’t want you to stop. I think the baby must have liked it too. He was dancing away. Gave me a few kicks to show me he was having a good time. He sits on the bed near her. Puts his hand on her belly. Is he still moving? With perfect timing, Alex feels the baby pressing against her skin. She grunts slightly. They both giggle.


Image via flickr.com, courtesy of Ed Yourdon

They head to the kitchen. Get the water going for tea and coffee. Decide they only want toast to eat. The conversation steers toward what it will be like to have the baby. Life will change. Drastically. They can’t wait. They’re still discussing names. They’ve had lots of suggestions. They just haven’t hit on the right one yet. The conversation moves to parenting. How do they want to raise their child? Lots of back and forth. They mostly agree on everything until religion comes up. Leelee believes the new experiences Alex is having would roll into her faith. She’s surprised by his resistance.

What is your hesitation? she inquires. My faith has been good for me, Alex. I’m sure if you give it a chance you will like it too. I’m not excited about any church I’ve ever attended, he replies. I think organized religion leaves a lot to be desired. What do you mean? she challenges. I think there is too much ritual. I don’t like the way you’re constantly told how to live. It’s like people aren’t free to think for themselves. Your expected to just comply with whatever is being promoted. I just don’t think that religion has made any real impact on the world. It separates people. Which one is right? There are so many.

I know that I’ve been experiencing God, he continues. For the first time in my life I’m not questioning if God is real. I don’t know exactly what it all means yet. I do believe what is happening inside me is a game-changer. I want to figure this out. He asks Leelee, are you willing to consider something besides your religion? She pauses, caught off guard by the question. I have to be honest, Alex. Since you didn’t have a particular religion, I envisioned you would come around to mine. Do you think that is fair? he asks, wondering. I never thought about it that way, she admits.

I’m just now coming to experience God, he laments. I do want our child to believe in God. I just don’t know, today, what to tell him about God. I’m searching for answers, Leelee. For myself and our baby. I’m even wanting you to explore your own beliefs. I don’t think you have ever had my questions. How would you know my answers? What are you saying, Alex? Are you asking me to dismiss my faith? Fearing he might be upsetting her he slows the conversation. Not at all, he replies. I think I have to ask if you can understand where I’m coming from? Have you ever considered there might be a better way than the way you were raised? What if God has more for you than what you’ve experienced so far?

Directions ClkerFreeVectorImages pixabay

Image via pixabay.com, courtesy of ClkerFreeVectorImages

Leelee ponders, I think I have some things to think about. This is somewhat of a surprise. I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. Alex reassures her, no decision is being made. I agree this is important, Leelee. I think what has happened to me, before this baby arrives, is intentional. I also think this is happening to you. I believe this is something we’re suppose to discover together. We might end up at your church. But I need to be sure about what we’re doing. Can you be open, Leelee? I’m only asking for you to consider that God might have a different path for us to follow. Whatever we decide, we have to decide together. I agree, Alex. Let’s ask God to show us the way. I’m sure He will.

Marty will return next Friday!



Adventures in Marty! 12


Image via flickr.com, courtesy of Kira Westland

All the tears did a fine job of clearing the air. They all feel lighter. But, it’s like a ton of bricks were unloaded from Alex and his mom. Just underneath his pain loomed a deep love and respect for her. He had turned inward years ago and kept his pain alive. That put his mom in harm’s way. It prevented his own authenticity. He didn’t tell the truth to his mom. He penalized her for being in the dark. Not knowing how much he hurt inside. He sees himself as a fool now. Although his mother is not perfect he had to acknowledge her sacrifices for him. Admit she never failed to put him first. It had been years since he looked at her without bitterness. Today he takes in her beauty. Her love for her son is radiant. Alex understood how he disrespected her. He vowed to be a good son.

The conversation flowed freely. All distance between family members is gone. They’re connecting in a way nobody thought likely. It was the dawning of something more intimate. Leelee leaning on the sofa arm with her legs pulled up squeezed his hand as Alex took hold of her. Eyes do talk. Oh, to be a fly on the cornea to hear what their pupils were saying. Looking into one another’s eyes melted previous versions of their love. These events would prove dynamic. Life altering. Good became great. Love chased fear into obedience. A baby is safe, a man is born, a mother is set free, a father gains a son, a mom-to-be is thrilled, and her mom is thankful.

Talk about a Kodak moment; they all sat non-verbally. Peaceful smiles spoke softly. Leelee politely interrupted, dad she said, when do you think God first gets involved in our lives? You must have a reason for asking that question, he offered. Yeah, I do. I sensed God is near from the moment I suspected I was pregnant. I took my pill. It seems improbable for me to be with child. I wanted to conceive but Alex wanted to wait. When I look at what my being pregnant has done for us all I wonder. I mean, I have questions.

I believe mankind is Gods’ idea. Like marriage, having children is His idea too. I think before we are formed in the womb He is right there with us. We come from Him. We return to Him when life is over. We are all on loan to one another. Children are a heritage. An inheritance given to us by our heavenly father. We are responsible to remind each other of that and to point our kids to back to Him. Leelee stated, I’ve sensed His presence throughout my life. Sometimes more real than others. Sometimes I didn’t know if He is there. This time, especially when Alex rushed me to the hospital, something so real, so definitive happened. I knew He was more than with me. It’s like He was in me, through me, not just around me.

Her mom spoke. That’s yours Leelee. All yours. Nobody can ever take that from you. Your faith and experience are teaching you things of the Spirit. No bible class can ever give you what you obtained since this all happened. Doubt can be a problem. Even for believers. It’s in times like these we own our faith. You advance from teachings to conceiving. You move from ideas about God to the reality of God. John piped in, God isn’t someone to call on, only when there is trouble. Nor is He number one on some lists of priorities. He is our life. He is limited only by our attitudes, lack of willingness to recognize Him, and our understanding of His ways.

Alex couldn’t hold back any longer. He asked, then why do bad things happen? John said, bad things don’t come from God Alex. But if He controls everything He has to allow it, right? This is a point of much controversy, John continues. Many people ask, why does a loving God do nothing when tragedy, suffering, and violence affects innocent people. I would submit a few questions of my own here, says John. People live without consulting with or inviting God into their everyday lives. They make choices from intellect and emotions. If things workout they take the credit but if things don’t workout they blame God.


Image via flickr.com, courtesy of Edward Conde

Leelee and Grace are almost spellbound. John has never been this vocal. He’s seen as a wise man but the emotion and communication from him today is unusual, to say the least. When I look at the state of politics, John elaborates, even the state of the church at large, I see the results of our decisions. A choice is behind every action. Someone chooses to murder, rape, molest, steal. Gossip, exploitation, and humiliating other people are all choices. Christians who spew hate and judgment also do so by choice.

If God took our choices away from us we would be something other than human beings. Our ability to choose makes us different from every other form of creation. Alex quips, then why doesn’t He help us make better choices? With the patience of a man who has lived through decades of trial and error, John responds. What you have been experiencing through these past weeks is God breaking through years of being closed out. Do you think God suddenly became interested in you, Alex? Or do you think He has been there all along? Alex is perplexed. After a brief pause he answers, I know He has been there all along. You’re making choices now based on your awareness of His desire to be involved in your life.

lightafterdarkness by Jhong Dizon

Image via eyesright.speedofcreativity.org on flickr, by Jhong Dizon

Alex made eye contact with his mom. She had been silent the whole time. She smiled warmly at him. He asked, what do you think mom? I’ve learned something today, she replied. Several things actually. I think I want to spend some time reflecting on all I’ve heard. I will take some time and ask myself some questions before I make any statements. I do hope we can talk more about this. With that the parents decided it was time to go. The good-bye hugs were deeper than ever. There is no lack of love and affection among this tribe.

The Man Upstairs proved He resides with us. He’s not a distant lover or absentee father. He doesn’t attack to force his will. He will not withhold any good thing from us. He never wanted to be on the outside looking in. He wants to be known.

Marty will return next Friday!

Adventures in Marty! 5

Leelee says, I’m going to grill you a steak and make a tossed salad. Do you want a vegetable? No, says Alex. But do we have any baked beans? She replies, I think so, as she gets up to look. He continues with more details of his day. I want to hear all about it, Alex. Give me a minute to start the grill. He keeps talking even when she goes outside. He’s more keyed-up than he realizes.

table for two by pixabay

by pixabay

She sets the table. Throws the salad together and checks on the steaks. Come to the table, Alex. He hasn’t stopped talking. In between his sentences she calculates how to talk about her day. Sliding his steak in front of him he proclaims, that looks great, Honey. I’m starving. As Leelee sits down, he continues his discourse. She encourages him to talk privately with the guy that let him down. Maybe you just need to clear the air, she offers. He’s disappointed. It’s not about you.

Marty understands the value of life. How precious it is. How fragile it can be. The challenges is poses. And the rewards it offers. Leelee is a bit tense. Her nap helped. But her stress level about Alex is rising. They’ve been able to communicate about most things gracefully. Alex can be competitive. High strung. And he can come off as forceful. She has no problem declaring her feelings. This is different. This isn’t style or color preferences. A baby will change their lives forever.

As Marty comforts the developing life he whispers to Leelee and Alex. They don’t see the big picture. They think the decision to have a baby starts with them. He will expose them to the deeper meaning of life.

Alex was raised by a single mother. A fabulous lady. Devoted to her only child. His father had walked out on them when he was young. Leaving for another woman. He doesn’t have a relationship with his dad. He adores his mom. But he has many questions about his father. His mom worked hard to stabilize his life but his masculinity can be volatile. Alex was taught to believe in God without any participation in organized religion.

Leelee was brought up with both parents. Her home was solid. Full of love. She’s close to her parents and siblings. She doesn’t have questions about being wanted. Or where she belongs. She was groomed for a good life. Mentored on how to get it. Her family went to church and believes life is spiritual. When she went to college her involvement with her church waned. But her beliefs remain strong.

After marriage Leelee expected they would get involved in a church. She’s a Methodist. Alex doesn’t claim any religion for his own. She’s disappointed with his lack of interest. He doesn’t want to be a regular attendee. She has gone without him but doesn’t like it. He often suggests they do other things on Sundays. While they haven’t fought about it, there is concern, especially for Leelee.

spiritual intamacy youtube

c/o YouTube.com

For now, Marty is the major influence for the baby to be.  This bundle of joy will soon be subjected to every kind of thinking there is. Everything in the world operates through thought processes. Attitudes dictate actions. Beliefs decide family dynamics, political structures, and religious persuasion. There’s a short space of time to establish the best directives. After those virtuous moments pass it’s all about correcting the errors. Marty labors to prepare the baby, the parents, and the environment.

Alex slows his semi pleasant diatribe during dinner. By the time the meal is over he ended his story-telling. Rising from the table he kisses Leelee on the cheek. That was a wonderful meal, Babe. You’re welcome, she counters. He heads back to his chair as Leelee cleans up. Her thoughts take her to a place of solitude. She barely notices that Alex dozes off to sleep. Finishing her after dinner chores she retreats to the living room. She’s decided how she’ll open the conversation.

inrecliner by michael styne

by Michael Styne

Sitting on the couch she watches Alex in his peaceful slumber. His focus on his work project had him intense for the past couple of weeks. The positive outcome is an obvious relief to him. She loves Alex. Deeply. She’s certain about how he feels about her. Alex turns to get more comfortable and wakes himself up. Noticing Leelee watching him, he apologizes, and sits up. I haven’t even asked you about your day, Honey.

I do have something I want to talk to you about, Alex. Sure, Babe. What’s going on? You were very firm about waiting to have a baby. I didn’t agree. It upset me. But I’ve decided to go along with you. It’s true, we don’t have to rush. Oh, that’s great, Leelee. He’s thrilled. Maybe a little too much. I do want to have kids. You know I do. Just not now. Hang on a minute, Alex. Let me finish.

Marty will return next Friday!


Adventures in Marty! 4

enlighten by ironsoundman

by ironsoundman

Marty caresses the beautiful idea as it materializes. There will never be a more gentle touch. This is as good as it gets on Earth. True innocence! Unmolested. No trace of devaluation. Identity intact. Without questions. No concerns about being loved. Where do I belong? What is my purpose? Why am I here? Just the unfurling of the sail, as the wind blows all around.  Time and space are filled with, I want you! 

Leelee is getting concerned. Every morning she doesn’t feel well. She gets better as the day goes on but the mornings are rough. She’s yet to consider being pregnant. With Alex gone to work already, she thinks of several things she needs to do. Hesitant to leave the couch she sits idol. The phone rings. She’s glad she brought the phone with her to the couch. Not knowing if she can talk, she hesitates to answer. Caller ID shows it’s her mom calling. Hi, mom. Hi, Leelee. How are you? I don’t feel well, again. Mom says, Honey, do you think you might be pregnant?

Leelee is silent. After a few moments her mom says, Leelee, are you there? What if I am pregnant, mom? Don’t you want to be? Mom doesn’t know Alex isn’t ready to have a baby. Yes, I do. But Alex wants to wait! Well, he might not have a choice, mom retorts. I’m going to be sick, mom. I’ll call you back. With a toss of the phone, Leelee rushes to the bathroom.

morning sickness by emergency brake

by Emergency Brake c/o flickr.com

She regurgitates. Her whole body is involved. Marty whispers instructions. It’s okay. Everything is fine. Knowing this is the first experience of turbulence he reassures the new forming life. You’re being announced, that’s all. Your mama is now aware that you’re here. Peace, Little One, peace! Still wrapped around the commode, she rests her head on her arm. She waits for her body to tell her she can get up. She also wants to savor the moment. She’s now certain, this is morning sickness. She’s ecstatic. Her minds spins to how Alex will react.

Things aren’t going well at work. Alex is young and ambitious. He’d been hired into a position that someone thought they should have been given. Alex’s first key assignment is being threatened with failure. The man he was promoted over is on his team. He just informed Alex he would not complete his task on time. Alex had been given sixty days to prepare his presentation. He’s down to six hours. Just yesterday he verified that everything is on track. He wonders if he is being sabotaged.

Leelee goes into the office to grab the calendar. Counting the days she realizes the possibility makes sense. She picks up the phone and calls her mother. Mom! Mom! I’m late. I think I might be, pregnant. It’s music to mom’s ears. She’s looking forward to being a grandmother. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, she cautions Leelee. Make a doctors appointment and find out for sure. I will, mom.

daughter on phone by Lyle Vincent

by Lyle Vincent

mom on phone by Bill Branson

by Bill Branson

Concerned about what Leelee said about Alex, mom asks, can you tell me what Alex said about waiting? I’m so afraid Alex is going to be upset, mom. He feels like we need time, to get our finances in better shape, before we start a family. Did he say anything else? Do you think he’s ready to be a father? I’m not sure about that. We have always said we want kids. Well, money is going to be a concern no matter when you have children. Give Alex a chance to respond to the news without deciding his reaction. Okay, mom. I will do that. He might surprise you, Leelee. Thanks, mom. I’ll talk to you later.

So much of the future is predetermined during Zygote. Genes make us unique. From eye color to hair texture. To skin tone and length of fingers. What diseases we will be vulnerable to. And character traits. Whether we will be stubborn, intelligent, a thrill seeker, or good at music. The exact course of every life will be affected by family, friends, and environment. Marty won’t stop talking. His voice is a constant whisper. But all of creation can hear him, if tuned in.

I am forever with you. You are not alone. You are never alone. I’m a piece of something much bigger than myself. And you are too. It is your source that makes you real, complete, and whole. Your source is above you, below you, and in you. He is all about you. You can’t go where your source isn’t there. Know my voice. I guide you, help you, and reveal you. Learn from me. My thoughts are good. I will do you no harm. I’m your reminder of how you came to be!

Leelee isn’t prone to naps, but of late, she has rested in the afternoons. She often doesn’t go to sleep. Today she has wearied herself with the events of the day. She made a doctors appointment. Her joy is offset as she ponders Alex. What if he is adamant? Doesn’t want a baby just yet? He was so firm during their last conversation. She can’t get his tone and expressions out of her mind. Will he face the inevitable with a new found sense of gratitude? As her thoughts race to the far reaches of her mind, she drifts off to sleep.

garage door by en.wikipedia.org

by en.wikipedia.org

Alex sat at his desk with his head in his hands. Strained to come up with a last minute solution he springs into action. He outlines an alternate plan. Tells his team he’s counting on them. With only minutes to spare he sets up his presentation. His boss stops by to ask if he’s ready. Alex says, yes sir, I’m ready to go. It was nothing short of a miracle. But he pulls it off. The client desires a few changes but likes what he sees. Alex returns to his office. Moments later his boss sticks his head in the doorway and says, great job, Alex. You did fantastic!

Alex pulls in the driveway. The sound of the garage door stirs Leelee awake. She can’t believe she slept for over two hours. She hasn’t even started dinner. She wonders; what kind of mood will Alex be in? She throws water on her face, dries it fast, and walks to the kitchen as Alex comes through the door. Without delay she asks him how his important presentation went. He said it was close to a disaster. But I pulled it off at the last minute. He begins to explain the day. He will include every detail.

He heads straight to his easy chair, snatches a drink from the refrigerator, on his way. Leelee joins him in the living room. Alex remained solemn on his drive home. He couldn’t help but ponder if he had a problem with the man on his team that let him down. Now, he can’t stop his talking. He became excited when he spoke about his boss being so pleased with his work.

After twenty minutes of self-adulation, he asks, what’s for dinner?

Marty will return next Friday!







Adventures in Marty! 2



by flickr.com

Marty arises the next morning ready to own the day.  With furled brow he takes a long look at the past, present, and future. His responsibilities can’t lessen his excitement. He’s tickled to be on location. He jumps for joy but causes no physical sensation.. Leelee isn’t yet aware that Marty is with her.  He knows what is coming and the suspense is killing him, so to speak. This is exactly what he’s designed to do. Wow! he thought, my purpose and mission are about to become reality.

Marty endured a bit of teasing over the years, all in good fun. But his associates did have some laughs at his expense. Marty is preoccupied with being a father. Long before Alex and Leelee became an item and quarreled about having children, Marty was curious about the unfolding of human life. His fascination with the dynamics of the nuclear family is the source of many jokes.

All those close enough to peer into Marty’s contemplation’s marveled at his obsession. His buddies cautioned him about mankind’s confusion. They spoke about human potential. People can be anything they want to be, they exclaimed. They can have wealth, fame, and power. They can roam free and unencumbered. They can be self-centered and egocentric, they chimed. But if they choose to have children, that can limit their opportunities. Marty asked himself, what do they know? They haven’t been sent into the world yet!

While Marty invited conversation and reveled in debate, something told him that fatherhood, is personal. He isn’t about to hide his intrigue. He is focused on the task at hand. He wonder’s about the baby as it forms. What kind of life will the child live? Will it be successful in faith, family, and finance? Will it be kind, warm, and generous? Will it find significance as a writer, painter, or musician? Maybe it will be an athlete, actor, or business person. Knowing the child arrives with the ability to make the world a better place, Marty will be happy, if the child discovers their bliss. Everything will workout fine as long as the child maintains its’ connection to source.

Marty also pondered Leelee and Alex. What kind of parents will they be? Will they be mature enough for the awesome task of raising a child? Will they understand their place of influence in the child’s life? Will they shape its wings, wisdom, and wonder? Will they know who they are to the point of establishing who their child is? Do they love each other enough to show their baby the way to abundance? Will they be connected, to the source of life?


by geograph.org.uk

Marty tours his new home. The female body is a sight to behold. He uses his knowledge of anatomy to identify his surroundings. Day after day he strolls the plantation. Comfortable in silence, he’s startled by a commotion. There’s an apparent race on Fallopian Way. Millions of squiggly things, with rapid moving tails, are heading toward him. He can’t control his giggle. These are the tiniest cells in the body and they are desperate. From their antics this should be over in a flash. But with progress of only a, tenth of an inch per minute, he relaxes for the duration.

Marty had the talk long ago. He owns the original, first edition, of the Birds and the Bees! He knows where this is headed and waits to let nature take its course. He roots for each of them. There can only be one winner. After several hours, a leader emerges. The checkered flag awaits. The front-runner is nearing his destination. Jumping and screaming in excitement Marty losses himself in the moment. The egg, the largest cell in the body, sits like a princess waiting for her suitor to come calling.

Every set of eyes in the universe are poised to witness creative genius. The man of the hour is close, so close, to the winner’s circle. Marty captures the essence of his intrigue about fatherhood. He holds his breath for the finish. OH    MY    GOD, Marty yells. This is better than I dreamed.

Leelee is sitting on the couch, leaning to one side, with her legs drawn up, flipping through a catalog. The steam is rising from her cup of tea.  Alex is at work. Neither of them have any idea what’s going on inside Leelee’s body.


by Steph c/o flickr commons

That’s it! That’s it! Come on, Marty shouts. He travels north, south, east and west without moving his feet. He might as well be a pinball machine. Hey!   Hey!   It’s happening! Marty proclaims. The champion crosses the finish-line. Ms. “I’m Happy To See You” opens the door wide to receive her beau. The door closes behind him.

Marty leaps, the stars dance, and the universe cheers. Wisdom rises in Marty. In the middle of the best party, he’d ever attended, serious notions flood his mind. There are no questions present. Divine intention is undeniable. This is as sacred as it gets. This baby is ordained to life. The child belongs, has a place, is loved and wanted.

Feeling uncomfortable Leelee adjusts herself. Alex takes a call, from his superior, to discuss an assignment. The Earth is yet to react.

Pantokrater has spoken. Love shrouds every action. Fatherhood, for this child, is established forever. Alex is awarded the opportunity to do his part. Leelee adjusts herself again, not knowing why. Marty is busy incubating the Father’s desire.

Marty will return next Friday!