Read My Mind!

Every now and then it’s good to hear something positive, inspirational, and empowering to offset the barrage of negativity heaped on our tender little heads.

I’ve discovered a great way to upset the proverbial apple cart, of status quo manipulation, is to find something uplifting to inject into my bloodstream. Resulting in the release of incredible amounts of dopamine and causing concern among the haters. I can’t help but get a kick out of the shock I see on the faces of warmongers who think peace, joy, and love are dirty words.

I’ve made friends with a group of people who have the habit of doing good and work to make the world a better place. They use their gifts and invest their talents to bring smiles and warmth to people and places that desperately need it. They comprise a growing community of International Personalities, joined by the common cause of supporting the hopes and dreams of each other, and of those who connect with the group.

There have been times when I realized I missed out on the beginning of something big. I’ve never gotten used to that horrible feeling, of hearing about the party, just as it was ending. Whether you are an author, blogger, writer, poet, lyricist/musician or a hungry reader I encourage you to give yourself this dose of feel good. 

While our mission includes education of the arts, and entertainment for the hearts, I’m certain we are offering something worthy of your time. We are sponsoring contests in a variety of playing fields, informing on things to know, and sharing life in a way that invites others to live large. And best of all it’s,  FREE! Sign up with your email address and your inbox will thank you with a happy face.

I’m proud to be associated with such a noble endeavor. It’s an honor to be a contributor to this virtuous cause. This online magazine is certain to become a must read for anyone looking to strengthen themselves with the strength of others. The First Edition of Read My Mind is coming on April 4th. Don’t miss it!

You deserve a rich, rewarding, and abundant life!




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  1. Thank you Rick for this wonderful and positive post about #ReadMyMind. I hope the RMM readers will be entertained, educated and inspired. Lots of love, Lily

    1. Your vision and passion for this project has brought this from an idea to reality. I know it will positively impact people’s lives.

    1. It’s always good to see creativity and hard work on the same page. I think we have a powerful magazine.