Forgiveness is a Life Hack for Business!

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We’ve seen it before. Maybe more than we care to admit. People not getting along. The down time can be costly. It might not have anything to do with workplace mission, yet, the business is picking up the tab. If you’re responsible for team performance it helps to be in tune with the what is circulating.

What to do when people are withdrawn due to personal or professional relationships.

1. Stay aware of changes in normal behavior. When the ordinary has left the building it’s wise to assess the interpersonal barometer. If it’s one person it could be something not related to the workplace. If more than one person seems out of kilter it might be an inter-personnel issue.

2. If you haven’t built an open rapport where people feel safe to speak openly you might be further challenged to find an easy resolve. Managers benefit when relationships are established where fear has been eliminated. People respond to wise sensitivity. When people are confident and secure conflict resolution is natural.

3. Effective communication remains a necessity.  When people are satisfied that they are heard, and what they have to say matters, they are open to fixing issues. When they are dominated they will often shutdown and an undercurrent of distance prevails.

4. Conflict resolution is best put in place proactively. Disappointment is inevitable, But when people understand the method for clearing the air it creates buy in. Blameless resolution offers involved party’s a guiltless solution.

5. Decide on the elements of an apology before it is required. Misunderstanding is often the culprit. Holding everyone to high standards of accountability allows for peaceful transitions back to teamwork. Most people want to do a good job and will avoid being called out as the problem.

6. Caring is authentic. Anything less will be interpreted as self-serving. Organizations will not rise above its leadership. New business models espouse a people first paradigm. When team members know that they are important, not just for what they can do, but as a whole person they will work to preserve a healthy workplace.

When business functions with a clear mission, clear guidelines, and clear interests in its team great things are accomplished.  When you care more about the performer than the performance you’re not likely to be dissatisfied with your bottom-line.

The more you put into people the more you get out of them.



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  1. People don’t get along many times because we are selfish. Where do misunderstandings come from? Both parties looking out for their own interest. That’s where! This is a good article to help you navigate the difficult task of conflict resolution. I recommend it!