We are loading up for the second move in three years. You have to be at least, a little nuts, adventurous, deeply in-love or motivated in some special way to engage in such risky behavior. We didn’t unpack all of our boxes from the last move. Now we are packing again. We decided to purge. So we unpacked the boxes we hadn’t unpacked to get rid of the things we hadn’t seen in two years. How did we ever live without these things?

We purged honestly. Had a nice yard sale. Made many trips to Goodwill. Chose to leave some things behind for the next guy. Decided a smaller truck will do. Colossal mistake. Evidently we’re not as honest with ourselves as we need to be. Truck is completely full, car is on the trailer and securely connected to the truck. Problem is, a third of our stuff is yet to be loaded. Many words made themselves available for employment. I chose wisely. Took deep breaths, reminded myself that I volunteered for this assignment.

My wife will have to drive the car so I can get an additional trailer to tow. It’s the 4th of July weekend. The entire country is moving. Everyone must be feeling their independence. Lost a whole day locating a trailer. Finally, made the swap for the auto transporter and trailer. We load up the additional stuff after some more donations to charity. We are a day and a half late on hitting the road, but let it be known, we aren’t the type to be put off by difficulty. At 9:15 at night, after working like fools all day, we head west. California bound. San Francisco here we come. Got a seven year old grand boy waiting for us. He’s clearly worth whatever it takes to get there.

I had promised to be there to spend the fourth of July with him. We had to push hard. My wife is a trooper; driving for hours alone in the car. Following a UHAUL truck halfway across the country. She had moved at my request many times over the years, this time though, was at her request. She made no complaints though I could see the price she was paying. She just wants to be near her kids and grandson. I owed her this move. It wasn’t like I had to be talked into it. I want to be near my grand boy more than anything.

We arrived safe and sound first thing Sunday Morning. Went to the storage, to unload all the things we just couldn’t live without, to discover a major kerfuffle. UHAUL has some “splaining to do.” Relying upon years of experience and utilizing my negotiating skills, we came to a resolution. I will pay for the first month of storage even-though my paperwork says it is free. My grand boy is literally ten minutes away waiting for us to get there. I have to get through this exercise quickly.

With the trailer unloaded we leave the truck and take the car to go pick-up our daughter and grandson. I can’t remember all the frustration. I’m not even thinking about what we have been through the last two weeks. I’m not feeling the effects of two fifteen hours days of driving. Or the misrepresentations we are yet to deal with. There is one thing on my mind. It’s not the famed Embarcadero of the San Francisco waterfront. It’s the one made up of a little boy, without a father, wanting to be with his Papa who knows what it’s like to be without a father. Now that’s an EMBARCADERO!!!!!


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  1. We are getting ready to make our third move in the same amount of time. I am tired!!! I feel your pain. Nothing is as sweet as the arms of that grandbaby wrapped around your neck. =) Thanks to all of the papa’s that step up to the plate. He will not forget. Beautiful article! Sharing! Hug Tina for me.

  2. Wow – a major move for a very special reason. What a very lucky little boy to have you as his papa. Thinking of you, Tina and your special little grandson!!!