Adventures in Marty! 2



Marty arises the next morning ready to own the day.  With furled brow he takes a long look at the past, present, and future. His responsibilities can’t lessen his excitement. He’s tickled to be on location. He jumps for joy but causes no physical sensation.. Leelee isn’t yet aware that Marty is with her.  He knows what is coming and the suspense is killing him, so to speak. This is exactly what he’s designed to do. Wow! he thought, my purpose and mission are about to become reality.

Marty endured a bit of teasing over the years, all in good fun. But his associates did have some laughs at his expense. Marty is preoccupied with being a father. Long before Alex and Leelee became an item and quarreled about having children, Marty was curious about the unfolding of human life. His fascination with the dynamics of the nuclear family is the source of many jokes.

All those close enough to peer into Marty’s contemplation’s marveled at his obsession. His buddies cautioned him about mankind’s confusion. They spoke about human potential. People can be anything they want to be, they exclaimed. They can have wealth, fame, and power. They can roam free and unencumbered. They can be self-centered and egocentric, they chimed. But if they choose to have children, that can limit their opportunities. Marty asked himself, what do they know? They haven’t been sent into the world yet!

While Marty invited conversation and reveled in debate, something told him that fatherhood, is personal. He isn’t about to hide his intrigue. He is focused on the task at hand. He wonder’s about the baby as it forms. What kind of life will the child live? Will it be successful in faith, family, and finance? Will it be kind, warm, and generous? Will it find significance as a writer, painter, or musician? Maybe it will be an athlete, actor, or business person. Knowing the child arrives with the ability to make the world a better place, Marty will be happy, if the child discovers their bliss. Everything will workout fine as long as the child maintains its’ connection to source.

Marty also pondered Leelee and Alex. What kind of parents will they be? Will they be mature enough for the awesome task of raising a child? Will they understand their place of influence in the child’s life? Will they shape its wings, wisdom, and wonder? Will they know who they are to the point of establishing who their child is? Do they love each other enough to show their baby the way to abundance? Will they be connected, to the source of life?


Marty tours his new home. The female body is a sight to behold. He uses his knowledge of anatomy to identify his surroundings. Day after day he strolls the plantation. Comfortable in silence, he’s startled by a commotion. There’s an apparent race on Fallopian Way. Millions of squiggly things, with rapid moving tails, are heading toward him. He can’t control his giggle. These are the tiniest cells in the body and they are desperate. From their antics this should be over in a flash. But with progress of only a, tenth of an inch per minute, he relaxes for the duration.

Marty had the talk long ago. He owns the original, first edition, of the Birds and the Bees! He knows where this is headed and waits to let nature take its course. He roots for each of them. There can only be one winner. After several hours, a leader emerges. The checkered flag awaits. The front-runner is nearing his destination. Jumping and screaming in excitement Marty losses himself in the moment. The egg, the largest cell in the body, sits like a princess waiting for her suitor to come calling.

Every set of eyes in the universe are poised to witness creative genius. The man of the hour is close, so close, to the winner’s circle. Marty captures the essence of his intrigue about fatherhood. He holds his breath for the finish. OH    MY    GOD, Marty yells. This is better than I dreamed.

Leelee is sitting on the couch, leaning to one side, with her legs drawn up, flipping through a catalog. The steam is rising from her cup of tea.  Alex is at work. Neither of them have any idea what’s going on inside Leelee’s body.

by Steph c/o flickr commons

That’s it! That’s it! Come on, Marty shouts. He travels north, south, east and west without moving his feet. He might as well be a pinball machine. Hey!   Hey!   It’s happening! Marty proclaims. The champion crosses the finish-line. Ms. “I’m Happy To See You” opens the door wide to receive her beau. The door closes behind him.

Marty leaps, the stars dance, and the universe cheers. Wisdom rises in Marty. In the middle of the best party, he’d ever attended, serious notions flood his mind. There are no questions present. Divine intention is undeniable. This is as sacred as it gets. This baby is ordained to life. The child belongs, has a place, is loved and wanted.

Feeling uncomfortable Leelee adjusts herself. Alex takes a call, from his superior, to discuss an assignment. The Earth is yet to react.

Pantokrater has spoken. Love shrouds every action. Fatherhood, for this child, is established forever. Alex is awarded the opportunity to do his part. Leelee adjusts herself again, not knowing why. Marty is busy incubating the Father’s desire.

Marty will return next Friday!





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