Adventures in Marty! 11

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Both mothers and Leelee’s dad head for the house. Alex is doing the paperwork for discharge. The relief they all feel is apparent on their faces. Positive energy surrounds every word. It’s great when things work out the way you want. Everyone had to consider the potential for looming tragedy. Not today. This is a joyous day. A day they will always remember. Each one of them is changed in ways that will soon become evident to them all.

The two moms and dad quickly ready the house to make Leelee comfortable when they arrive. Alex helped Leelee into the car. They thank the nurse who wheeled her outside. Alex slides into the drivers seat. Puts the key in the ignition. Hesitates. Looks over at his precious wife. Their eyes locked on each other. Silence never spoke so loud. With unrehearsed precision they said I love you at the same time. I’ve never been more thankful, Leelee. I feel blessed in a way that I never thought possible. My wife is okay. Our baby is okay. Then Alex said  the most powerful words. You know, honey, I’m okay. I’m really okay. She said, we’re always going to be okay, Alex.

They pull into the driveway at home. John is the first to appear. He’s a quiet man with understated strength and calm. His eagerness today surprises everyone. Both moms follow John outside. They have different personalities but today they express enthusiasm in unison. The belief that supernatural intervention prevailed creates gratitude beyond words. This is a thankful family. The sense that great things are ahead gives them all an assurance not easily found.

Each one of them found a means to assist Leelee inside. Quit fusing, Leelee said. I feel fine. With a mom on each arm and the men trailing after, the door closes behind them. It’s symbolic in a sacred kind of way. A chapter in all of their lives has ended. Leelee is led to the couch. The women had made it up with sheets, pillows, and a blanket. Leelee says, I’m so glad you are all here. But, you have to stop treating me like I’m going to crack. I’m a little tired. Other than that, I’m great. The four voices spoke at the same time. The message is communicated. You just relax, Leelee, and let us take care of you.

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Hot tea for everyone. Settling in to their seats they begin an extraordinary conversation. Alex wants to talk. He divulges everything he had said to Leelee. There’s not a dry eye in the room. Leelee welcomes the surprise. She knows what a leap of faith this is for Alex. It’s a miracle. She’s so proud of him. His mom speaks next. I’m sorry son. I thought if we acted like it never happened it would give us the best chance to get over it. I didn’t realize you needed to talk about it. I’m so sorry Alex. I feel stupid and ashamed. Can you ever forgive me? He gets up and goes to his mother. She stands up and they embrace. He cries so hard that it breaks her heart all over again.

She went back to the very moment she found out he had been molested. You would have to be blind not to see the pain evaporate. This is the healing many people never find. An only child, abandoned by his father, re-bonds to a single mother who couldn’t love her son any more than she does. What a new beginning this would prove to be. From that minute on their relationship flourished. Alex said, mom, I thought you didn’t want me to talk about it because you were embarrassed by me. I thought it was your pride. I thought you were more concerned about yourself and what people would say than you were about my well being.

Oh no, Alex. I wish I had known what the silence was doing to you. I’m so sorry, Alex. I get that, mom. I get it now. I want to apologize to you. Apologize to me? You have nothing to apologize to me about, she cried. I do mom. My pain kept me from seeing how much you tried to lessen the impact on me. I’ve held things against you, mom. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Until today I didn’t understand that I’ve been punishing you. For years, I’ve made you pay for things you didn’t even know I felt. I could have told you how I was feeling. I know now you would have listened. I wrote a very wrong story and I have lived out the story I wrote. It was all wrong. Can you forgive me, mom? Of course I forgive you.

As Alex turned to walk back to his chair John stood up. Tears were streaming down his face. Leelee and her mom had not seen him cry like that. There is a serenity, a hallow presence that filled the room. John wrapped his arms around Alex. He said, I love you, son. These words transformed Alex. John instinctively knew Alex had longed to hear his father say these words to him. Alex liked John but there had always been dissonance. Alex only referred to him by his first name so what he said next shocked everyone. Hugging John as tightly as he could he said, thanks dad. I love you too.

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Divine intention manifested. Demonstrating the way things are meant to be. Pantokrater and Marty enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Marty will return next Friday!

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