It’s been an honor to participate in celebrating fathers during this Father’s Day season. And to hear the good and sometimes difficult stories around what others experienced with their fathers. Our stories matter to our present and future generations. It’s been a journey for me to get to the place where I can look forward to this day every year. It’s been worth every step to get here.

Thanks to for sponsoring this event.

Well done,

Eduardo Quintana

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  1. Rick
    It’s been an honor and a pleasure to have you on this team of talented men and women who have decided that Fatherhood is important, contrary to what pop culture would have you believe. I look forward to having you participate in future events on Manly Training and even become a regular contributor to this Ministry. Let’s start a movement together that will transform lives and save souls! Thanks again!


    • It is my heartfelt belief that fatherlessness is impacting every area of our lives. It is my mission to help people connect the dots and be who they’re meant to be regardless of adversity around the issue. Thanks for including me!


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