Want a puck-me-up?


I have been held hostage in ‘Slackerdom’!!! It’s a little kingdom that has kept me from writing as much as I usually would for Two Drops of Ink and for my personal blog. The inhabitants of Slackerdom usually visit me when I get caught up in work. They convince me that work is more important than pursuing my passion. What’s funny is I do what I love for a living. #Amwriting and doing #socialmediamangement daily but work is work. Returning home to the creative realm on a daily basis is an almost impossible trip. I fall prey to the #impossible forgetting that #I’mpossible!!! Half written compositions are evidence of my attempted voyage but I am unsuccessful in reaching my destination. I get lost along the way!!! Practice what you preach, Chica!!! Is what my creative side screams from the recesses of my being. The workaholic puts her in chains and throws…

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2 thoughts on “#FridayFeeling!!!✍✍🎶🎶✍✍

  1. cjohn53834 says:

    Hmm…The Kingdom of Slackerdom. Interesting thought. I guess I need to determine what my true loves are. I used to be so sure, but life changes. I supposed being slack in trying to determine this is avoidance?


    • There are things that drain us and things that fill us up. When we do more of what fills us up we are living in our “zone.” Everything that empties us can’t be avoided but likely can be minimized. Orchestrating for maximum life promises long-lasting contentment.


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