Sight Management!



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Perception is Reality…  Nonsense! 

If my perception is off everything I think and feel is off. I’m living the reality of my perceptions when my perceptions aren’t even real. I can’t see reality. I’m in an alternate world. To see clearly I have to get the lies out of my sight.

Once I Was Blind!

I have discovered, if you can forgive yourself, you can forgive anyone. For many years I tried to get over things, forgive people, make sense out of chaos. I educated my head but my soul remained aloof. I kept moving forward with sleep in my eyes. Constant eye checks had me trying one corrective lens after another. Each promising extraordinary vision. I was blurred enough to try other people’s glasses. The reality is, you will need your own, in order to bring your life into focus. When I stumbled severely enough, to have to forgive myself to survive, nothing anyone ever did to me mattered much.

The commonalities among us can’t dismiss our individuality. We have different capabilities, capacities, and callings. Not everyone reaches the depths of despair. Some people’s sight deficiencies are on the surface. They don’t require much to see clearly. Other people have retinal detachment. No generic reading glasses from Wal-Mart will fix their sight problems. This group is prone to worsening of the outer visual field. Impossible to see the whole picture. When corrected, they tend to see further than most.

Fresh Eyes!

Nearsightedness will take care of things up close. Farsightedness will handle things far away. If the condition is astigmatism you’re struggling to understand yourself. Why am I like this? we ask. Blurred or distorted, at some degree, in all distances. When the cornea is irregular it doesn’t refract light properly. Two-thirds of the eye’s optical power is impaired. Vision is fixed, out of focus. When the cornea separates from the layer underneath it has to be repaired internally. Clarity is an inside job!


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Light is fast. If you travelled at the speed of light, you would navigate the equator 7.5 times a second. Light has to be bent for humans to benefit from its illuminating qualities. The eye and the earth are round for a reason. The curvature of the eye lens, can be adjusted to “tune” focus, slowing light down enough to process it. We gain knowledge, or think we do, only to admit we have so much yet to learn. Even unlearn, sometimes. In our physical realm we orbit meaning and purpose.

In the same way surgery can enhance our ability to see, understanding brings clarity, to perception. Miracles are light at full speed. They happen so quick it’s easy to miss them. Some people have unbelief. Some want you to stay blind. Some will be mad at you, even unforgiving, because you took too long to see. Some might resent that you’re no longer groping in the dark. You might experience those trying to cover up their own blindness by insisting your sight isn’t really restored. All are defects in vision.

It’s not where you are that’s important it’s what you see from where you are that matters!


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Being able to see is good. Seeing clearly is even better. People who gain clarity rarely want to go back to confusion. Peace is the result of detachment correction. Seeing through distortion, blurred vision, and bringing your life into focus is sight management! 

How are you managing your sight?








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My uncle Tony was more like a big brother than an uncle. I was about 13 years old when he joined the Marines. I made a decision to follow his path. As soon as I was old enough I would join too. I was sixteen and a half when I completed my paperwork. I had to wait until I was 17 so my mother could sign for me. Then I could get a physical and be sworn in. On January 12, my birthday, mom signed. On the 13th I passed the physical, was sworn in. On the 14th I flew to The Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. On the 15th I was sure I had made a mistake.

Everyone had been so nice. Helping me. Being patient with me. I walked the terminal and found my way to the designated area where I was met by a military representative. Others joined us there and we were loaded on a bus to be transported to the base. I was excited and apprehensive. When we arrived we were given instructions on how to exit the bus and what to do next. I took notice of a serious change in attitude. The good guys disappeared.

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The people barking out orders were not nice. They addressed us men as ladies and sweethearts. Sarcastically, I might add. Some of the guys weren’t moving fast enough to suits these men wearing Smokey Bear Hats. So, they surrounded some of the men shouting in their face and ears. I didn’t like it. Not at all. I had the feeling I had been misled. This didn’t look like the time of my life. Even my uncle Tony, who was no longer on active duty, didn’t tell me about all this. I was having a Private Benjamin moment. Those Drill Instructors got my attention.


Perhaps nothing says more about us than what we give our attention to. From cultural distinctions to our funny bones we are diverse. Serious issues, such as faith or politics, keep some engulfed while others could care less. Some expect to earn what they get and others expect everything for free. Selfishness and generosity vie for our attention. One thing I’ve observed about happy people is, they give attention to things of substance!

This business about “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” has a lot of play in it. Sometimes we are just too impatient with difference. But, indifference carries its own poison. My journey into the military was a defining moment. Lesson number one became very clear; don’t run from anything, always be running toward something. I got away from many things I wanted to get away from, but, I landed squarely in some things I didn’t want. Some things I didn’t know enough about to know I didn’t want them.


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The addendum to lesson one is; Knowing what you don’t want is one thing. Knowing what you do want is another. Hate gets terrible gas milage. Burns up precious energy and requires constant attention. Dissatisfaction drains vibrancy. It’s deceitfully occupying and the pay is horrible.

I have things that make me feel alive. Things that excite me. Make me want to jump out of bed in the morning. I want more of those things. The things that give me life are the things I’m paying attention too.

What has your attention?



Where you start

Sometimes the details take over the story. When reality gets buried you’ll have to dig. You become the diamond in the rough. The circumstances that wilted innocence, tried to stomp the life out of you, and filled your mouth with self chastisement has never affected your value. They only disguise it.

Carbon Buildup Means Nothing To A Diamond

Not everyone has the same path. But, we all do have the same destination. In between the cradle and the grave is the potential to shine. Diamonds are formed, in the area called the Mantle, between the earth’s crust and its superheated core. A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well. When the temperature reaches about 2700 degrees fahrenheit and, pressure is equivalent to 400 grown men standing on your foot, carbon becomes diamond.

Diamonds are formed in a depth where no human can survive. Heat and pressure explode the jewels to the surface where they can be discovered. They begin as larger stones. The goal is to cut the biggest diamond possible while removing imperfections that lessen its value. If the diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, light will leak out of the bottom, making the center dark and dull. All the stuff we humans do to ourselves, and each other, are the imperfections to be cut away. We are just underneath the errors. When confusion is extracted, priceless is revealed.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” – Rumi

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We can talk about, magnify, even embrace the carbon that hides the gem. Those terrible, disgusting, violations that camouflage our virtue. If all we ever elevate are the layers that need to be removed we’re likely to miss our lives. If the theme of your life is what went wrong, it’s time to get a life. If your community only talks about what you did wrong, it’s time to find your people. Perfection is not what you let in it’s what you let out!

Light only leaks from human cuts. Light isn’t trying to come or go. Its desire is to be, remain, and sustain.  Our attraction to bright, shiny, glitter is simply a desire to find a match for our internal longing. can’t touch this. A perfect mate is a life giver. A lifter, supporter, and fulfiller. Light gives and we give what we receive. We are healed when what we give away leaves us satisfied. Takers upset the apple cart. Two halves can only create a ouchiemama! (used literary license)

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We just aren’t suited to court devastation, date hollow-grams, and romance pain. Nor to find our pleasure in brokenness, darkness, and separation. The only way I know for a whiner to become a winner is to change the water into wine. From the pink and colorless Sparklers to the deep blue of Hope Diamonds, the world’s premier stones vary in size, color, and origin. The Oppenheimer Blue is the most expensive diamond to ever be auctioned. Selling for 57.5 million dollars. Hard to believe it was once a charcoal lump buried too deep to be visible.

The worst that can happen is to die a buried diamond. Hidden in the carnage of imitation. Mine the precious stone that is you, and Shine!