Fear of Success

I would like to introduce you to a young lady who writes transparently. Her blog here is a snippet of her thought life. I know many people can relate to her.

Living Closely

fearIt’s been 20 days since my last blog post. I know this because the blog site I use, WordPress, is kind enough to remind me that I am procrastinating already. It also likes to remind me that I have had a draft saved for the past 19 days. It’s the third or forth version of a post about validation and feelings. It’s a very personal post, and it’s something I feel like I need to share. So why haven’t I posted it? Because I’m scared.

Lately, I’ve began to fear a lot of things. I’m letting this fear prevent me from doing things or even talking about doing them. I have developed a lot of ideas of grandeur; dreams of being a successful blogger or Youtube personnel, the desire to pursue the art of makeup and become a beauty consultant, the idea that I can change someone’s life just by being me…

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