Adventures in Marty! 17

waiting room

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A message was sent to the delivery room for Alex and Leelee. The family is gathered in the waiting room. The birth is not yet eminent. Leelee asked Alex to go and give them an update. He reluctantly conceded. As he walked through the door they all stood up. In unison they pleaded, is she alright? Tell us how she’s doing, rose her mother’s voice above the others. She’s doing great. She is really doing great. I don’t want to be away from her. I just wanted you to know how safe we feel with all of you being here. I will come and give you news on how things are going. With a panoramic sweep he made eye contact with each person there and offered a smart smile.

Prancing is the only way to describe the run/dance Alex used to get back to his wife. Bursting through the door he rushed to her side. Nothing changed in his short absence. Leelee looked tired as she dealt with the pain that had now lasted for hours. Her countenance relaxed as she reengaged his hand. A nurse wiped her face with a cool, moist cloth. Alex requested one be put on her forehead.

Alex reaffirmed his deep affection for Leelee. She stated, I feel blessed to have you, Alex. Why don’t we talk about names for the baby? If it’s a girl he said, I want you to name her. If it’s a boy, I would like to name him. Is that okay with you? he inquired. She said, I can live with that. Just as she asked what name he chose if the baby is a boy, she shrieked. Oh! God! She bellowed. Alex stepped back rapidly having been alarmed by her scream. He later admitted that she scared him. But only for a minute.

Two nurses came as if the decibel level revealed some delivery room secret code. Announcing, baby is soon to be introduced, to his parents. Alex apparently failed Lamaze class. One of the nurses began to coach miss soon-to-be mom. The other nurse went for the doctor. Leelee was ranting again. Alex is uncertain if he should be there. She seemed so mad at him. A few of her comments tempted him with verifying her identity. He couldn’t believe she was saying these things to him. He was even more afraid she meant them.


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He let go of her hand to have a peek at what the doctor was seeing. What he saw made him step back again. He broke out in a sweat. Felt lightheaded. The doctor took notice and asked if he was okay. I’m good he said. I just need a minute. You can’t faint in here, the doctor begged. Go get a breath of fresh air if you need to. It will be a few minutes yet. Alex turned to go out of the room when Leelee said, in a militant voice, don’t you even think of leaving, Alex.

That seemed to be the reprieve he needed. He went straight to her side. Careful to avoid the general area where the doctor was focusing his attention. More screams, shrills, and Leelee blaming Alex for her current state of affairs. She was now committed to the export business. He was an emotional basket case. Thrilled about the birth of their child. But, perplexed as to why these things, these hurtful, derogatory things were being said to him by his loving wife.

newborn with father

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Push, they all said. Push. We are almost there, the doctor informed. I see the baby’s head. Stay with us, Leelee, the doctor ordered. That’s it, he said. One big push now. Her screams had to set some sort of record. Alex couldn’t believe how loud she was. He let go of her hand and joined the doctor at the point of entry. Swoosh. Just like that, the baby was out of his mother. Alex was looking at his son. It’s a boy, he shouted. We have a boy, Leelee.  She wanted to know if he was alright. Does he have everything he’s suppose too. Yes, Honey! He is a fine looking son.

The Invisible’s were tangible to everyone that believes.

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Watch Your Step!

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Give me motivation and I will reach my goal – give me inspiration and I will reach my potential!

We can’t get from point A to point B without taking some steps. Emotionally, intellectually, or physically we have to move. Is there a scheme, a method, or a philosophy that lends itself to expediency? How do I best advance in the direction I want to go? Are there secrets to discover that cause you to arrive faster, smarter, and more successful?

Between the book store and google search I uncovered more instructions than I could ever assimilate. Let alone, incorporate into my daily life. I found the following titles; Four Steps to Achieve Success, Four Straightforward Steps to Success, Seven Steps, Ten steps, Twelve Steps, and Twenty-five Steps all outlining their winning formulas. I even located 67 and 68.5 steps. Google search provided 94 different presentations, for the ever popular 10 step programs, on one page.

Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson each offered their ten step versions to success. Actors Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington, Leonardo Di Caprio have theirs. Eminem, Beyoncé, and Kanye West deliver 10 step outlines. The notable J.K. Rowling has her ten steps. Stephen King bumps his to eleven steps for successful writing, and twenty tips for smart blogging. There’s also five and seven steps for mastering the blogosphere.


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The faith community isn’t left behind. T.D. Jakes gives us ten rules and seven steps for success. Creflo Dollar has his 10 steps to revolutionize your life. Joel Osteen has five, seven, and eight ways to get there. There’s five, seven, and twelve ways to become a politician. Pick a subject and there are steps to make it happen. And let’s not forget the 12 steps to recovery. It goes on and on. My brain was convulsing. I was emotionally depleted and physically exhausted just looking at the first steps each person said to take. Guess what? Of the numerous ones I looked up, nobody had the same suggestion for the first step.

I’m not speaking disparagingly about any of the people I mentioned. I’m not criticising any one person. My point isn’t to degrade any attempt to expound on the steps to greatness. Obviously you can’t follow every suggestion from everybody. It’s a matter of math for me. Just following some of the ideas presented, in the volume of works on the subject of success, and you realize there are thousands and thousands of steps you would have to take.

I haven’t even scratched the surface, on the material available, promising to lead us to the winner’s circle. Throw in seminars, workshops, and online classes. Coaching, counseling, and teaching from people who haven’t yet put their aphorisms in print. Many of us have family and friends who seem to know just what steps we need to take to rise to the stars. Some theories have been proven. Some need to be tested. Who can argue strategy with a billionaire? They made it work for them. But, will it work for you? Is it duplicatable?


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Is there only one way to our individual utopia? Since we know we aren’t to be anyone other than ourselves it’s imperative that we find our own catalyst. Seek out the stimulus that best serves our individual destiny. Match our passion with our purpose. Determine for ourselves what success is. If we don’t define ourselves we might live our whole lives without ever knowing who we really are. We are going to step. We might step over it. We might step through it. We might step in it.

All I’m saying is; Watch your step!

Please share, the steps you are taking toward success, in a comment.



Adventures in Marty! 16


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In the dead of night, as quiet as it gets, Leelee shakes Alex who is sound asleep. Alex. Alex. Wake up. Huh! What? What is it? You have to take me to the hospital. What’s wrong? he wants to know. She screams; we’re having a baby! Oh! OH, he exclaims. Jumping up and turning on the light. Are you sure? he asks. With pain driving her responses she quips, of course I’m sure. My pains are getting constant.

Still in half asleep mode he gets dressed. Do you want to get dressed? he asks Leelee. She’s not holding back now. Screams, NO. I DON’T WANT TO GET DRESSED. Well what do I do? he begs. Get the bag I prepared for the hospital. I need a wet face cloth. He runs to the bathroom and returns with a facecloth and towel. Do you want me to wipe your face? NO. JUST GIVE IT TO ME. He realizes his wife is not her normal self.

As she quickly gives her face a once over with the wet cloth, she orders him to call the hospital, and let them know they are on their way there. Help me to the car, Alex. They cautiously make it down the stairs and to the car. With Leelee laying in the backseat he slides behind the wheel. He is so flustered he nearly backs out of the garage without opening the garage door. He hits the brake so hard Leelee almost landed on the floor. She yells, don’t be stupid, Alex. Sorry! I’m sorry, Honey. Just get us there before you kills us, she bellows. He wanted to say something back to her, but, thought better of it.

Alex’s hands were shaking as he drove fast, cautiously. Her moans are scarring him a little. What if they don’t make it? he wonders. Could he deliver the baby before help came? Oh God, he thought, we have to make it. Between agonizing rants, Leelee is saying some very mean things to Alex. He had no insight and nobody warned him that this is how it might be. His first inclinations were to correct her. To give her a piece of his mind. Wisely, he resisted the temptation.

He whipped into the drive of the ER. Stopping the car again too fast for Leelee’s liking. With her giving him the business he jumps out of the car. Before he could get her door opened two people emerged with a wheel chair. Are you having a baby? they asked. Yes he replied, in a state of panic. They get Leelee out of the car and into the chair. They whisk her into the building. Alex is running behind, wanting to follow them, when the receptionist stops him. Excuse me, she said, you have to park your car. When he comes backs she stops him a second time. I have some paperwork for you to fill out. Can’t we do that later? he snaps. Sir, we need to get your wife checked in and your information filled out. Reluctantly, he complies.

Taking the clipboard and what seemed like a mountain of paperwork he finds a seat to complete the task. While he is feverishly filling in all the paperwork a doctor came to give him an update. The doctor said it would be a while yet. But, you did the right thing by coming in when you did. He encouraged Alex to finish what he was doing and then he could be with his wife. He didn’t care if they could read his writing or not. He completed the paperwork and handed the clipboard to the receptionist. Here, he said, and turned to walk away. Just a minute she said. What now? he asked with a scowl.


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This is an experienced front end person he’s dealing with. She’s been down this road many times. Looking him in the eye, she questions him. Is this your first child? Yes, it is. And I want to be with my wife not here with you. Uh-uh. I hear you. I just need your driver’s license and insurance card. Alex takes his wallet out so fast he popped the button off his pocket. Seeing how perturbed he is, the lady said, Mr. Handman, let me help you relax a bit. You don’t want to miss the birth of your child by being to stressed out. Let’s just finish up here and you can go be by your wife’s side. I’ll make a copy of these things and you can be on your way.

Taking a deep breath, Alex calmed down. He thought, she’s right. She hands the things back to Alex. Gave him a nice smile. He said, thank you, and spun around to leave. The lady said, hey, do you know what your having? He paused before he answered. We decided to wait and see, offering a smile. Do you want a boy or a girl? she asked. He paused again. I want a healthy baby. That’s what I want. Well, good luck to you and your wife. Thanks again, he said, and walked away.

Just then the ER door opens and several people came charging in asking for help. It dawned on Alex that he had been the only one in the ER until then. Hurrying along Alex is compelled to move away from the drama. He pulls out his phone and calls the parents. They are all on their way. He reaches the nurses station and inquires about which room his wife is in. They point him to a curtain. Just as he was about to enter the curtain opens from the inside. They are taking Leelee to a delivery room. Their eyes met. She reaches for his hand. He walks along her rolling bed. They squeeze each others hands. Are you okay, Leelee? I’m fine, she replies.


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He has to let go of her hand so they can get her through the door. They transfer her to the delivery bed. Her pain appears more intense. Two nurses and a doctor are busy doing what they need to do. He can’t take his eyes off of Leelee. He has her hand again. Leaning down he whispers in her ear, I love you. She tells him the same. They both have eyes filled with tears. A deep resolve came over Alex. Peace settled where turmoil had been. Alex sensed a presence he couldn’t explain. He didn’t say anything. He just stood there beside his beautiful bride. Leelee broke the momentary silence; we’re not alone Alex. God is here with us.

The room is filled with unseen reality.

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How Far Away is Two Percent More?


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The two percent explanation has been around as long as I can remember. Just two percent separates winners from losers. Just two percent more could establish excellence from mediocrity. Two percent more might make the difference between wealth and  financial struggle.

It’s a great feeling to empty yourself. Hold nothing back. Give your all. Perhaps any feeling of disappointment after you have tried your hardest is a personal insight. If we can set aside accomplishment from worthiness we may solve a riddle. If I did my very best, but didn’t get the prize, should I feel depleted? If doing my best is the goal, no unacquired trophy, should control me. If I’m overly conflicted about notoriety or recognition I wonder if there might be energy to spare after all.

energy by Sean MacEntee flickr

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Energy, like desire, isn’t preregistered for either direction. It is summoned by decision. They can fuel passion and purpose or they can empower pain and paralysis. Could two percent make a difference here? If I reached deep inside and found two percent more to give to whatever I’m trying to achieve would I see a more agreeable outcome? Could two percent more get me the promotion, save my relationship, or make me happy? Can just two percentage points be so close and yet so far away?

If I ate two percent less and exercised two percent more would the change be noticeable? If I made it a practice to use two percent more positive words than I normally do, discipline my thoughts to be more affirming by just two percent more, and laughed two percent longer is it likely that I would see more of what I really want?

It’s not probable that we have fifty percent more to apply to any given endeavor. When I choose to do something I like to do it well. Thankfully, I’m not the perfectionist I once was, I resolved that issue. But, I tend to set the bar high is for myself. That might tell others something about me but it can’t come close to what it tells me about me. It lets me know if I have chosen wisely. If I care enough about what I’m doing. If I am aligned properly to my highest calling.

do the impossible Walt Stoneburner

Image via, courtesy of Walt Stoneburner

What would I attempt if I believed in myself two percent more? Is it possible I would reach a little farther? Stretch a little harder. If I had two percent more confidence would that overtake my fear? If two percent more could guarantee my destiny would I go for it? Can I find two percent more lying inside me? No matter how much I think I’ve given my all, I dare say, I could come up with an additional two percent more.

Two percent more learning, application, and commitment just might be worth exploration. Ten, twenty, thirty percent might be discouraging. Derail any chance of upward mobility. Thwart my efforts to venture beyond self imposed borders. I’m guessing two percent more is doable. For anyone and everyone willing to ask themselves for it. I don’t want to reach the end and discover I have two percent more in my tank. With no time left to use it. Are you sure you have nothing left or do you in fact have two percent more?

What does two percent more look like to you?

Adventures in Marty! 15


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Leelee is sitting up in bed. Resting against the headboard. Smiling. On the edge of bursting out in laughter. Alex is singing in the shower. Not just an underwater hum. This resembles an on stage performance. She has never heard him sing before. He likes music. He might turn up the volume on a favorite song, but to break out in a sing along, just isn’t his style. No music is playing in the background. Alex is making his own melody. She is pretty sure he’s making up his own words too.

Life is different. The past months have brought them closer together. She never imagined Alex the way he is now. She saw him as a good man. Loving. Kind. But he always had an edginess. He could be forceful. Even intimidating. She learned how to bring him around. Reign him in. Much of that part of Alex is gone. Empathy has replaced his dissonance. He’s open. Engaging. Much more calm. He looks more alive. Vibrant. Not out to conquer the world. An inner peace rests where turbulence used to be. There’s a new man walking in his shoes. She likes it. A lot!

They usually slept in on Saturdays. Lately, Alex has been getting up early. Making sure to be quiet to let Leelee rest. Waiting patiently for her to come downstairs. This time he went straight to the shower. He certainly isn’t being quiet this morning. She can’t think of a better way to wake up. Her sense of tranquility is sustained as she listens to Alex singing. Wow, she said out loud. The baby just gave her a kick. She isn’t due for a few weeks. For several days, and nights, the baby has been quite active. Since the early scare, the pregnancy has gone very well.

Alex peeks around the bathroom door. It dawned on him that he might have woken Leelee. She grins at him. Says, I really enjoyed your concert, Alex. Did I wake you? he asks. No, she responds. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I’ve never heard you sing, Alex. He blushes. Not knowing what to say. Leelee tells him, I didn’t want you to stop. I think the baby must have liked it too. He was dancing away. Gave me a few kicks to show me he was having a good time. He sits on the bed near her. Puts his hand on her belly. Is he still moving? With perfect timing, Alex feels the baby pressing against her skin. She grunts slightly. They both giggle.


Image via, courtesy of Ed Yourdon

They head to the kitchen. Get the water going for tea and coffee. Decide they only want toast to eat. The conversation steers toward what it will be like to have the baby. Life will change. Drastically. They can’t wait. They’re still discussing names. They’ve had lots of suggestions. They just haven’t hit on the right one yet. The conversation moves to parenting. How do they want to raise their child? Lots of back and forth. They mostly agree on everything until religion comes up. Leelee believes the new experiences Alex is having would roll into her faith. She’s surprised by his resistance.

What is your hesitation? she inquires. My faith has been good for me, Alex. I’m sure if you give it a chance you will like it too. I’m not excited about any church I’ve ever attended, he replies. I think organized religion leaves a lot to be desired. What do you mean? she challenges. I think there is too much ritual. I don’t like the way you’re constantly told how to live. It’s like people aren’t free to think for themselves. Your expected to just comply with whatever is being promoted. I just don’t think that religion has made any real impact on the world. It separates people. Which one is right? There are so many.

I know that I’ve been experiencing God, he continues. For the first time in my life I’m not questioning if God is real. I don’t know exactly what it all means yet. I do believe what is happening inside me is a game-changer. I want to figure this out. He asks Leelee, are you willing to consider something besides your religion? She pauses, caught off guard by the question. I have to be honest, Alex. Since you didn’t have a particular religion, I envisioned you would come around to mine. Do you think that is fair? he asks, wondering. I never thought about it that way, she admits.

I’m just now coming to experience God, he laments. I do want our child to believe in God. I just don’t know, today, what to tell him about God. I’m searching for answers, Leelee. For myself and our baby. I’m even wanting you to explore your own beliefs. I don’t think you have ever had my questions. How would you know my answers? What are you saying, Alex? Are you asking me to dismiss my faith? Fearing he might be upsetting her he slows the conversation. Not at all, he replies. I think I have to ask if you can understand where I’m coming from? Have you ever considered there might be a better way than the way you were raised? What if God has more for you than what you’ve experienced so far?

Directions ClkerFreeVectorImages pixabay

Image via, courtesy of ClkerFreeVectorImages

Leelee ponders, I think I have some things to think about. This is somewhat of a surprise. I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now. Alex reassures her, no decision is being made. I agree this is important, Leelee. I think what has happened to me, before this baby arrives, is intentional. I also think this is happening to you. I believe this is something we’re suppose to discover together. We might end up at your church. But I need to be sure about what we’re doing. Can you be open, Leelee? I’m only asking for you to consider that God might have a different path for us to follow. Whatever we decide, we have to decide together. I agree, Alex. Let’s ask God to show us the way. I’m sure He will.

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The Wisdom of Intuition!

A voice. A thought. An instinct. Maybe it’s experience. It speaks. Sounding the alarm. Raising caution. Serving our need for insight. Oh how well things workout when we honor the friendship. How much pain and discomfort follows when we ignore the virtue. Wisdom is not hiding. It’s always present. Trying to serve us. Direct us. Preserve us. Propel us. We benefit by recognizing the message. We suffer when we don’t.


Image via, courtesy of G. Chris Clark

Everybody is born a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid, Albert Einstein.

I do believe we are all born Genius’s. Life has a way of di-geniusing us. (made up word) Wrapping us in negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences. So we search, looking for clues to our true north. Heavily distracted by the notion, it’s out there somewhere, when it’s been inside us our entire lives. Focus is a powerful thing. Possessing the ability to manifest whatever we concentrate on. What we elevate becomes our ecosystem. The things we fear the most and love the most usually arrives in our Inboxes.

The pain/pleasure paradigm is fruit-bearing. It’s possible to favor one over the other. Familiarity breeds contempt. We get use to things. Become comfortable. Lose our sense of awe. Settle into mediocrity. Complacency. Acceptance. All happening against the backdrop of intuition. While it patiently waits for us to agree to better things. The proof is in the pudding. We keep going. In-spite of our setbacks, injuries, and missteps. Convinced things can and should be different. Better. The potential fuels our determination.

brokenpromises John Fekner

brokenpromises John Fekner

Even when we sabotage ourselves we’re aware of that piece of ourselves that just won’t die. That tiny urge that says, there’s a better way. There’s more to life than what we’re allowing. Anything we’re willing to tolerate isn’t likely to change. We’re in a dispute. An internal voice-war between what we see and what we haven’t yet seen. Human reasoning attacks divine intention. The genius in us is raging to be let loose from the popular. That cultural dominance that fails to deliver on its promises of setting us free. Liberty, as it turns out, isn’t without restraints.

Salvation is overlooked because it’s clothed in change. Sanity is undeniably found in giving up what doesn’t work for something that does. Intuition is God trying to interrupt the conversation. Offering the key to what ails you. Ultimately, we do what we want most. When our complaints are our deepest drivers we are hoping for magic. A rabbit to appear out of a hat. The miracle is in recognizing the voice that stands out from all the noise. The song, the book, the painting, and the talk can only move you if it connects to what is in you. Something already there.

We don’t need another hero. With every Pied Piper you lose your children with the rats. Our “meant to be” vanishes in the rat-race. The wisdom of intuition is that what you need is available right where you are. You have a “Knower” within. An unction that provides understanding. You are designed to interact with it. (Him) Don’t blame God for misrepresentations. Light can be dimmed when re-presented by human beings. Intuition remains pure. Trust it.


Image via, courtesy of Sasastro

Look up to go up. Intuition, without fail, intends to raise you. Never to pull you down. Benjamin Franklin said; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Ronald Reagan made “Trust but Verify” a popular idiom. It’s best not to live a life of plagiarism. Using unsubstantiated claims, made by someone else, as fact. Labels can be misleading. Chemical free, no preservatives added, aren’t reliable statements. What are we to do? How do we find the truth? Use what you came with.

The Power of your own Intuition!







Adventures in Marty! 14


Image via, courtesy of Umang Dutt

What a beautiful morning! Warm. Sun shinning bright. A slight breeze strolling past his body. Alex inhales the aroma of his fresh brewed coffee. It’s early. Leelee isn’t up yet. Soft sounds of birds chirping adorn his peaceful state. The silence is refreshing. It seemed like the neighbors were politely refusing to interrupt his solitude. He closed his eyes. Took in a deep breath. Let it out slowly. Accepting the sacred moment he’s in.

He’s getting use to new thought patterns. He’d never been relaxed. Not fully. Customarily twisting and turning in memories of ugly things. Realizing now, how much he’d lost by his filter. The perception he’d employed to make his decisions. This week brought him another “light-bulb moment.” He judged other people based on how he felt about himself. Believing he was damaged. Irreparably bent. He’d been a functional user. Addicted to seeing what’s wrong. On the outside  he was enviable. Inside he’d been tormented. Expecting to lose it all any minute. Fearing he’d be discovered as a fraud. His new found liberty gave him space to re-evaluate.

Without religious ritual he’d repented. Not knowing the language or procedure, it took place, without the usual trappings. Not in a house of worship but in a chamber of privacy. An intimate encounter. A divinely orchestrated pause led to new ideas. First time thoughts fueled desirable feelings. He’s making choices that sustain his ecstasy. He doesn’t have a rule book. It’s an invisible outline, of tangible significance, that’s guiding him. Many questions remain. Answers are abundant. He’s perceiving the presence surrounding him. He knew he’d sensed it before. Now he’s identified it.

lightbulb moment pixabay

Image via

Alex is tracing his steps. Walking through days gone by. Defining key moments in his life. Redefining life events. Rewriting his own narrative. Anger starts to rise. Sadness is along side. Wisdom steps in. Yesterday is gone. It’s clear to him. The best way to ruin healing is to be upset about it. His lack of wholeness was the result of hanging on to stuff he couldn’t control. Why be mad about how he thought and felt in the past. He wants more of what he’s experiencing now. Letting go is a private matter. Decluttering your life is a personal responsibility. He’s meeting himself. The man who had been hidden behind layers of wrong, wrong, and more wrong!

He’d previously avoided his feminine side, as they say. Keeping his gentleness in check with rough and tumble disguises. Using anger to camouflage his shame. Facing the world with artificial force. His emptiness is gone. Replaced by a well of living water. Nourishing his new beginning. He acknowledges, there was always a whisper. A thought- voice offering him another way see, feel, and think. As he pondered his path he wondered what kept him from understanding all those years. He asked, why didn’t I get it? The thought came to him; I was living a prefabricated life. Building meaning and purpose with disorder, dysfunction, and deceit. Smiling at himself, Alex is reveling in the sweetness of correction.

Leelee said, morning, as she slid back the screen door. Her words shook his eyes open.  Good morning, he replied, jumping up from his chair. Glancing at his watch he’s surprised at the time. It had been over an hour since he sat down outside and closed his eyes. He’d been lost in spirituality. He wouldn’t call it that. Not yet. He would soon, though. His coffee was cold. He hugged her. Kissed her forehead. Helped her to a seat. He asked, can I fix you a coffee? Yes, thank you, she said. He picked up his cup and turned to go inside. Leelee reached out and grabbed his arm. Could I have tea instead? she requested. Peppermint please. Coming right up, he exclaimed.

As Alex disappeared she closed her eyes. Feeling the same warmth of the sun and gentle breeze Alex had been enjoying. Being a woman, she is immediately aware of the other warmth hovering under the patio cover. Tears of joy filled her eyes knowing Alex was connecting to his heavenly Father. She quickly wiped away the evidence, not wanting to violate the moment. Alex said, here you go sweet wife of mine, handing her the tea. Thank you, honey, she said. Careful not to spill his coffee he settles in the chair next to her.

pregnant woman free image pixabay

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Leelee is big. Their special day is approaching fast. She shifts in her chair to get comfortable. Like some kid who knows a fun secret, she looks at Alex with love, amazement, and thankfulness. He catches her smile. Tells her, you are so beautiful. Alex, c’mon. I’m a buffalo, she states in a matter-of-fact tone. Now that you mention it, you are a bit inflated. That’s not what you’re suppose to say, Alex. He chuckles. You are the most beautiful buffalo I’ve ever seen. Nice recovery, Mister. They both giggle a while. For the next hour they shared precious things.

When given the chance, heaven and earth comes together, proves it’s reality. Abundant life happens when we don’t fight it. A wide open heart attracts unlimited possibilities! 

Marty will return next Friday!